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December 31, 2007

Ham Is Not For Me

Monika made ham for dinner and had Bob cut up some for each of us kitties just like she promised, but Princess Boots, Princess Ashlyn and I all discovered that we don't like ham. Bob said that was OK though and he gave us our temptations instead. King Obsidian and Queen Munchkin however loved the ham and even ate what had been cut up for the rest of us.

December 30, 2007

Monika's Making HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're all excited!!! Monika is making ham today and she said that she is going to share some with all of us kitties!!!


December 29, 2007

My Morning

Monika gave us a new mousie this morning and after playing with it for a while I decided to check the garbage to make sure there were no more in the pack she threw out because King Obsidian had taken the other and was playing with it. Bob caught me and told me that kitties aren't allowed in the garbage, but then he pulled out the package and showed me that it was empty.

December 28, 2007

Nip Covered King

Monika put a whole bunch of catnip on the patio for us and King Obsidian rolled around in it so much that he almost looked more like a tortie than the Bombay kitty that he is.

December 27, 2007

Willie Came Out For The Camera!!

They finally got Willie on video. Bob said he is going to bring his cam-corder next time they go so he will be able to edit the next video of him.

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

From our home to yours.

December 24, 2007

Picture Contest

Queen Munchkin here;

Bob took this picture of me when I was a baby and entered it in a photo contest. It got published then and now they are doing a popularity contest with his picture and others that were entered.

Please vote for my picture so that I can sneak in an extra 15 minutes of fame.


December 21, 2007

Clothes Preperation

I forgot to tell you all something funny.

Monday after work Bob pulled out his black sweatshirt and laid it on the bottom bunk so he wouldn't forget to put it in his bag because it was cold at work. Then being that he is only a bean he just put his bag down next to the shirt and forgot to put it in. When he came into the computer room Tuesday morning he found me curled up inside the body of it with my head sticking out and Princess Ashlyn curled up on top of it. We both woke up when he came in and ran for our treat spots before he could get the camera though.

While he was giving us treats he asked us if we liked his sweatshirt. I told him it was nice, but it didn't look right with no cat hair on it so we fixed it for him.


December 20, 2007

Bad Pets

We might have to hide Monika's car keys. They just went to her parents last weekend for her birthday, and now they are planning to go back tomorrow and stay until after Christmas. At least Bob's friend is going to come to visit us while they are gone though. Maybe if he is lucky Bob might even finally be able to get Willie on video.

December 19, 2007

Playful Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

Last night I was in a playful mood, so I got into one of our cubies which are all connected end to end and started pawing at the top gently to see what kitty would get curious and come find out what the sound was. King Obsidian heard it and came walking toward the cubies from the side and when he was about a foot and a half away I jetted out the end, went around the other side and pushed all 3 towards him. I never knew he could jump so high.


December 18, 2007

Bad Internet

Our internet is being bad this morning. It would not let us read half of our friends blogs, and Bob couldn't even read his favorite comic, (For Better or For Worse), or check the weather online.

December 17, 2007

Play Time

Monika brought our new stick toy from her mommy into the bedroom and played with us all on the bed. We all had a blast even my mommy Princess Ashlyn who usually only likes to play with milk tabs. The only one that wasn't completely enthralled the whole time that Monika was playing with us was Queen Munchkin. She wanted Monika to put down the new toy and get the laser light.

December 16, 2007

New Toy From Grandmom

Bob and Monika came back home and Monika's mom sent us a new toy. It's like feather stick, but it fur and it isn't hanging from a string. It's about a 3 foot length of fur, (from Bob; more like thin shag carpet), and it is attached right to the end of the stick so King Obsidian can't bite the string to take it off.

December 14, 2007

Bad Pet

Monika came home early today and got everything ready for them to go to her parents for the weekend again. Then she left and we thought she would be bringing Bob back, so he could change out of his work clothes and give us our treats, but they never came back. Now I am mad at her because she didn't give us our treats before she left.


Chair Cuddles

Bob and Monika are going away again this weekend, so I followed Bob into the computer room and sat on Monika's chair to get chair cuddles. He knew exactly what I wanted and sat on the floor close to the chair and gave me bunches of hugs and pets without picking me up. Then Monika came in and he even told her that I wanted chair cuddles, but she picked me up and gave me hugs and attentions. It's OK though, because I like her hugs.

December 13, 2007

Stubborn Pet

Monika opened the patio for us for a while this morning, but she decided it was time to chase us all in and close it before I was ready so I got real mad at her, and I fussed and hollered for a long time. I found out that Bob is right about something. He said that once a red head makes up her mind you might as well forget about changing it. You have about as much chance of succeeding as you would of telling a Momma cat that is getting ready to have her kittens not to have them.

Bad King

King Obsidian here;

I decided that Bob wasn't allowed to sleep last night. I jumped onto the bed and woke him up about every two hours. Now for some reason, he looks groggy. Go figure!

December 12, 2007

Confused Pet & Tuna

Now I know Bob is confused! He made tuna today and Wednesday doesn't even start with a T. Of course we didn't let that fact stop us from enjoying our tuna water though.


December 11, 2007

Confusing Pet

I think Bob is confused this morning. Else he is just trying to confuse us. Usually on Tuesdays he makes tuna for his lunch and we get the tuna water and a little bit of tuna, but today he made a sandwich with his normal sandwich meat. I think he said it was smoked turkey.

December 10, 2007

Alarm King

King Obsidian here;

This morning I jumped on the bed and told Bob it was almost time for him to get up, but that I had time to get some attentions first. He said OK, and then pushed the cover down so I could cuddle up right next to him while he was giving me pets and scratches. Then just before his regular alarm went off I jumped down and headed to the computer room to be ready for treats when he finished shaving.


December 09, 2007

Confusing Pet

Monika is trying to confuse me this morning. She is playing with pictures on her computer and usually Bob is the only one that does that.

December 08, 2007

Wrangling Bob Out of Bed

Bob was sleeping late this morning, so I went in and made him think I wanted attentions. Then when he woke up and started petting me, I jumped down and said we want our treats.

December 07, 2007

Hiding in Plain Sight

After Princess Boots came into the computer room for treats last week, she started waiting in the living room for them again, and just coming into the computer room when Bob and Monika were on their computers. Then this morning she came in again and laid on her spot on the bottom bunk again. Only thing is that Bob is used to looking for her in the living room, or in the bed room so he didn't see her. He went out looking for her and when he couldn't find her he came back and saw her laying there. He apologized for missing her and gave her bunches of extra pets with her treats.

December 06, 2007

Feather Stick Fun

Monika played feather stick with me last night. We had a blast.


Hope we play some more tonight.

December 05, 2007

Needful Kitty

I've been feeling a little insecure lately, I think it is because we had company, so I have been following Bob and Monika around and getting all the attentions I can.

December 04, 2007

Tuesday Tuna Day

Robin is gone and we are getting back to normal now.

Bob made tuna for his lunch and we all got our tuna water with a little tuna in it, except for Princess Boots. She gets sick from tuna, so Bob gives her some cheese. Only he gave her more than she wanted this morning, so Queen Munchkin and I got to finish it for her.

December 03, 2007

Getting Back To Normal

Bob and Monika's friend is still here and she sleeps in the computer room, so we all got our treats in the kitchen this morning. Bob says she is leaving this morning, so I guess things will get back to normal later today. Too bad, we were just starting to get used to her.

December 02, 2007

We Have A Visitor

Bob and Monika have a friend visiting for the weekend. She seems pretty nice, but we are all being shy anyways.

December 01, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

Bob and Monika put up the Christmas Tree this year. It is the first time that it has been up since we moved here. There was no room to set it up in the apartment, but they screened the patio in lat year, so thy put it up in there. It is real pretty, but Monika says we are not allowed to climb in it.

November 30, 2007

Catpert Recommended Me!!!

This blog is  recommended by Catpert, the cat expert

Look what I got. Catpet has all kinds of stuff about cats on it and I even found links to a bunch of my friends blogs there.

November 29, 2007

Cat Talk

Bob's sister sent him this and we thought it was great, so I asked him to post it for me.

(turn it up to hear them)

November 28, 2007

Princess Boots & The Computer Room

The other night I came into the computer room to b with Bob and Monika while they played on their computers and guess who I saw there? Princess Boots was laying in the back corner on the bottom bunk all curled up and comfortable. I told Monika and Bob and they both gave her pets and welcomed her to the new, for her, room. Then last night when Bob came home from work she was even waiting there for her treats.

I'm so glad that she is finally starting to feel like she belongs with us.


November 27, 2007

Independant Prince

Bob picked me up and gave me good night cuddles last night before he went to sleep. He told me I could come up onto the bed and sleep with him and Monika like King Obsidian, Queen Munchkin and Princess Boots do, but I like sleeping on the love seat. The only time I come onto the bed while they are sleeping is if I have a scary dream. Then I get under the covers and hide in the crook of Bob's arm like I used to when I was a baby.

November 26, 2007

Pets Go Back To Work

Bob got up real early this morning. I guess that means he has to go back to work.


I liked having him and Monika home most of the time for the past few days.

November 25, 2007

Silly King

Princess Ashlyn here,

Two mornings in a row now King Obsidian has gone into the bedroom to wake up Bob so we could get our treats and Bob just made a place for him and started petting him and that was all it took to get him to forget about waking him up and just lay there and purr. I had to jump up and put my face in Bob's and tell him to get up and give us our treats, or we would still have been waiting at noon. King Obsidian likes pets all together too much.


November 24, 2007

King Obsidian's Box of Life

King Obsidian here,

Frostin told me about this meme and asked me to post.

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentment's as Blessings!~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?

1. I would start by putting Queen Munchkin in because she trained our humans well before I came here and helped me to train them even better. We make a great team.

2. I would put Monika in because she found me at the Cat Hospital that I was brought to and arranged to take me to my forever home with her and Bob. She also gives the best skritches and belly rubs.

3. I would put Bob in because he always gives us teats every morning and early evening and he takes care of our litters for us. Also because he gives great cuddles, but will let you go as soon as you are ready instead of holding you captive.

4. I would put our patio in. (Princess Ashlyn is right on that one.)

5. I would put Princess Ashlyn in because she is sweet and shy and I like to protect her some times.

6. I would put the feather stick and the boa stick in because they are my favorite toys.

7. I would Monika's big black stuffed panther in it because I think he is cool and I want o grow up to be as big as him.

Now that we all have done our lists, I want to tag Millie, KC, Missy, Dinah and Tortie Mom.

November 23, 2007

Queen Munchkin's Box of Life

Queen Munchkin here,

Frostin told me about this meme and asked me to post.

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentment's as Blessings!~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?

1. I would start by putting Bob in my box of life because he is my favorite pet and he always gives me lots of hugs and pets and kisses.

2. I would put Obsidian in because he is my mate, or at least he would be if we were not fixed.

3. I would put Monika in because she is the worlds greatest laser light player.

4. I would put our patio in. (I agree with Princess Ashlyn.)

5. I would put the laser light because it is my favorite toy.

6. I would put a ton of Temptations in so I would never run out.

7. I would Monika's black blanket that she pulls over herself while she is watching TV because it is extra comfy.

November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

To all our friends in he cat blogosphere;

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frostin and his royal court.

November 21, 2007

Princess Ashlyn's Box of Life

Princess Ashlyn here,

Frostin told me about this meme and asked me to post.

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentment's as Blessings!~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?

1. I would start by putting Bob in my box of life because he always keeps me safe and when Frostin was still a little baby he used to protect him from the other cats for me so I could go eat and use the litter and such.

2. I would put Monika in because she always seems to know what us kitties are thinking, and if I am wanting attentions from Bob she will bring me to him.

3. I would put the bunk beds in because I love laying on the top bunk.

4. I would put our patio in. (I think all of us kitties will have this answer. We love he patio.)

5. I would put my springy toys in it because they are my favorite.

6. I would put Frostin in while he was still a kitten because I miss my baby.

7. I would my special pillow on the dresser in it because that is my favorite place to sleep at night.

November 20, 2007

My Box of Life

The Meezers tagged my whole court for a meme so I'll start.

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentment's as Blessings!~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?

1. I would start by putting Bob and Monika in my box of life because without them I would have no forever home and no pets to love me.

2. I would put my whole court in so I would always have my family.

3. I would put all my cuddles, pets ad loving in.

4. I would put our patio in.

5. I would put my mousies and rats in because they are my favorite non human assisted toys.

6. I would put the feather stick in because it is my all time favorite toy.

7. I would put in the whole cat blogosphere because I love all of my friends that I have met here.

November 19, 2007


Last night Monika caught me on the table with my head in her purse and asked me what I thought I was doing. I told her it was all her fault. She got me addicted to catnip and I needed money to go get my fix.

November 18, 2007

Video From Monika's Camera

Bob shot a test video with Monika's new camera. He said the video looks good, but he wishes he could edit it.


Queen Munchkin here again;

Monika put catnip on the patio for us and Bob grabbed his cam-corder and filmed me playing in it with King Obsidian and Prince Frostin.

November 17, 2007

Chased By Cam-Corder

Queen Munchkin here;
Bob had the cam-corder out and decided to follow me around with it for a few.


Monika got the new Cat Fancy magazine today, and at first glance I thought it had a special article on Sparta The Mean Kitty in it because the kittiesface on the cover looked a lot like him. It turned out being a Toyger which looks like a toy tiger and Bob sad he wants one some day, but not now because the five of uskitties is more than enough for their small apartment.