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February 23, 2017

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6 Reasons not to punish your cat

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It can be very frustrating for a pet parent when
their cat behaves badly. Instinctively, you move
to punish them, but there are very good rea-
sons why this is neither the most efficient nor
the most effective way of fixing the problem.
Cats, unlike humans, don't learn easily from their mistakes,
which is why punishing them can lead to other behavioural

Here are six reasons for why you should reward your cat
for their good behaviour rather than punish them for their
bad moments.

#1 Cats aren't actually mean

Although your cat can seem to be spiteful when they pee on
your bed or scratch the new sofa, they aren't actually thinking
about their actions in that way at all. In reality, your cat
is just trying to communicate and tell you that something in
the environment is not right for them.

Is their litter clean? Has something changed in your home?
Have you welcomed a new pet? 

Learn to understand your cat - they aren't being mean on pur-
pose, so they won't behave badly once you find the root of the
problem and fix it!

#2 Your cat's bad behaviour reflects your own

As a cat parent, it is your responsibility to give them a stim-
ulating environment, love, and be sure of their health.

Bed behaviour begins when something is not right. You
need to take this as a clue that you need to fix something.
Something may have changed in your own behaviour or in
 your environment. 

Placing the blame entirely on your cat will only augment
the problem.

Try to understand what had changed in order to understand
why your cat is acting in this way.

#3 Your cat is scared of you

When a cat is acting in a way that is out of the norm for them
 (particularly when they are being destructive), the urgency
of the situation can push you to act brusquely and this scares cats.

It is easy to build a habit of shouting, stamping your food, or
spraying water each time your cat behaves badly in order to dis-
suade them. This is a way to treat the symptoms, true, but you
are not dealing with the cause of the problem.

Your cat will end up being scared of you, becoming anxious
in your presence, which will compromise your relationship with

When your cat does something wrong, restrain yourself and try
to act in a positive manner.

 To learn more about anxious or frightened cats, read this article.

#4 Your cat doesn't know why you are punishing

Cats learn when they directly associate a behaviour with a result.
If you wait in order to punish your cat, they will not understand
why you are acting in the way you are.

This scenario is very common, often when a cat relieves them-
selves outside of their litter box. The pet parent finds the cat's
excretions hours after the fact, punishing the cat by making
them smell their excretions. In this case, the cat will not be
able to make the link between the fact and the punishment.

#5 Your cat's behaviour can get worse...

...but you can use pheromone diffusers such as FELIWAY®
which will help your cat to feel secure in your home and relax
 - this may help stop unwanted behaviours in your home. It
is also a good idea to discuss your cat's behaviour with your
 vet as there may be a medical reason.

#6 Your cat deserves better!

Isn't your cat the best? We're certain that if you have read the
article up to here, you won't hesitate for a second before say-
ing a loud YES!

Well, your cat also thinks that you're the best pet parent,
and you should confirm this to them with your behaviour.
You don't need to punish your cat, but be inventive - and to
turn bad behaviour into good!

You will need to be determined, but you will see that it is
by far the best solution.

Source : iheartcats

February 14, 2017

Messing With Monika

I messed with Monika's head real good yesterday! I went running by her monitor and "accidentally" stepped on her keyboard. When I got off her browser was on full screen and her speakers were muted. You should have seen her going crazy trying to fix the screen. Then Bob ruined my fun by coming up and pressing F11 for her. Then all she had to do was hit the mute button again and go back to playing.

February 13, 2017

New Med For Munchkin

Munchkin here,

Bob got Chewy to send him something to try specifically for me. I am a senior kitty now and I don't get around as well as I used to. So he got some Cosequin for my joints to help. It comes in capsules which he opens and pours into my wet food.  Then he mixes it in before he gives it to me. I have only been getting it for a couple of days now, but at least it doesn't make my food totally yucky. I'll try to remember to report back on it in a couple of weeks to let you know how I feel.