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September 30, 2006

Double Blog?

Blogger is being weird lately. My last two posts wound out being posted twice instead of just once. I got Bob to delete the extra post for me again this morning. I hope this doesn't post twice too.

September 29, 2006

Group Nap

We're all feeling lazy this morning. All us cats are just laying around and napping, and even Bob said he wished he could go back to sleep instead of to work.

September 28, 2006

Cuddle Pets

Last night Monika picked me up and was cuddling me, then when I let her know that I wanted down she went and gave me to Bob to cuddle. I stayed with him and let him pet me for a bit, then when I told him I wanted down he put me on the top bunk. How did he know I wanted to go up there?

September 27, 2006

Lazy Day

I'm in a real quiet mood this morning. I think I'll just find some place to curl up and take a nice long nap.

September 26, 2006

Clock Watching Kitty

Bob was on the computer a little late playing his game last night, so I went in and put my paws on his lap to get his attention and then when he looked down I ran to the bathroom door and told him he had to come in and get ready to go to bed. He must have been thinking the same thing though, because the computer turned off and he got up just as I was saying it. Then he said; "I'll be right in Frostin. Just have to put my glass in the sink."

September 25, 2006

Lonely Weekend

Bob came home from work and gave us our treats Friday like normal, but then when Monika got home, they both left and didn't come back until late Sunday afternoon. While he was giving us our treats, Bob said they had visited Monika's parents and their kitties. He didn't have to tell us though, because we could smell all of our fuzzy cousins on them.


September 22, 2006


Monika gave us our treats last night and Bob didn't get home until real late. When he finally got home he went straight to sleep. This morning he waked up normal and gave us our treats though.

September 21, 2006

Impatient Princess

Bob had to refill our water bottle before he gave us treats this morning' so King Obsidian wouldn't knock it over, and Princess Boots was following him all around telling him to hurry up because she wanted her temptations.

September 20, 2006

Fickle Princess

This morning Princess Boots tried to get me to play with her, but I hadn't had my treats yet and when I finished them I went looking for her but she didn't want to play any more. Go figure.

September 19, 2006

Nervous Princess

This morning Princess Boots came into the computer room for her treats all by herself, but when we all started leaving because we were done with ours she got nervous and left hers too, so Bob gave them to Monika and she brought them to Princess Boots so she could finish them.

September 18, 2006

Bad Computer

I'm posting late today because Bob said his computer got corrupted and would not go on the web this morning. He fixed it now though. It is nice to have a pet that knows how to keep the computers working.


September 17, 2006

Kitty Cocoon

Monika brought me into the bedroom to wake up Bob this morning and told him I needed a time out, so he rapped the covers around me so that just my head was sticking out. He told me it was a kitty cocoon. I liked it at first, but then I wanted out so he unwrapped me and gave me hugs and pets instead.

September 16, 2006

New Temptations

Bob and Monika found some new Temptations. They're bigger and they are green, and they taste real yummy. Bob said they are called Dentabites Temptations. All I know is that we all like them.


September 15, 2006

Different Treats

Bob was giving different treats to Princess Boots instead of our Temptations and we all got curious, so he gave us all some of them this morning. They're called Wiska Lickins and they are well named. They taste good, but after you eat them your mouth is dry and you have to lick and lick to get the dry out of your mouth.

September 14, 2006

Monika Redeems Herself

Monika brought home treats after she dropped Bob off for work yesterday, so we all got our treats when he got home.

September 13, 2006

Treat Rations

Monika forgot to pick up more Temptations on the way home from work last night, so Bob had to ration out what was left to us and King Obsidian got in trouble because he tried stealing all of it before Bob could separate it for us.

September 12, 2006

Bad Kitty

I was chasing my Mommy, Princess Ashlyn, and Bob captured me and gave me to Monika. She told me I had to stop being mean to my Mommy because I made her hiss, and then she started giving me bunches of hugs and cuddles. If hugs and cuddles is how I get punished for being bad, I need to start being bad more often.


September 11, 2006

Attention Kitty

I was in a attention seeking mood last night Bob and Monika both gave me bunches and bunches of cuddles, hugs, snuggles and pets.

September 10, 2006

Boots & Treats

Monika brought Princess Boots into the computer room for morning treats with us this morning and yesterday morning and she staid to eat them both times.


September 09, 2006

Computer Work

Bob's friend Rob is here and they are all messing with Monika's computer putting in the new stuff, so I snuck in here real quick to update and then go hide again.

September 08, 2006

New Boxes

When Monika came home last night, Bob went to the car and brought back a big box. Then after they opened it there was a smaller one inside it. Now we have two new boxes to play in and one is so big that King Obsidian and I can both get in it at once.


September 07, 2006

In The Dark

The sky got all boomy and wet again last night, and then all the lights went out. Monika pulled out a little flash light and then found a bigger one and turned it on so that she and Bob could see. The power turned out being off for a very long time. It didn't come back on until Bob and Monika were both sleeping. Then Monika got up to turn the kitchen light out and went back to sleep.

September 06, 2006


I've been playing psych with Monika. Us kitties aren't allowed on the table, so I get on one of the chairs and raise my head up to look onto the table so she thinks I am going to try climbing up and then just sit there. She wants to holler at me, but she can't because I'm not on the table.


September 05, 2006

Late Night Snuggles

I got in the bed with our humans real early this morning (about 12:30) for cuddles. Bob hugged and petted me a little than told me I was a good boy and went back to sleep, but when I climbed onto Monika I had to prance around for a while to get her awake enough to pet me. I think she sleeps much too soundly.

September 04, 2006

Litter Toss

Monika thought that I would not be able to through litter on the floor from the big covered litter, but I took it as a personal challenge and got some on the floor anyways.

September 03, 2006

Late Treats

Bob waked up late this morning, but I expected it this time, so I just curled up in my treat spot under the bunk beds and waited for him.

September 02, 2006

Big Litter Box

We got a new litter box today. It's big and it has a cover over it so it looks like a big box, or a giant cat carrier without a door. Either way I am debating if I want to use it as a hiding place. It may be nice before anyone has used it, but I don't think I would like it much afterwards.


September 01, 2006

Playful Queen

Queen Munchkin was in a very playful mood last night. She brought a ball to Bob and he played catch with her for about half an hour. Her favorite thing is when he throws the ball to her so that she can whack it back to him. He even threw it over her head a couple of times and she jumped up and batted it back to him. I'll have to ask her to teach me how to do that.