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November 30, 2013

Hiding Under The Bed

Bob and Monika are home now, but I am mad at them for leaving, so I am hiding under the bed.


November 27, 2013

Off They Go Again

Bob and Monika are going to visit her parents and our furry cousins. They will be gone until some time Saturday, but Bob's friend Rob will be checking in on us.

November 26, 2013

Poor Cosette

Bob and Monika have been trying to get Cosette to come live inside, so she doesn't have to be in the clod and rain, but so far she wants none of it.

November 25, 2013

Extra Food Time

This morning Bob had to drop Monika off at her work so he could go do the laundry and he forgot to pick our food up before he left, so we had our food down until 1:15.


November 24, 2013

Forgotten Batter

I think Monika forgot that she made Pancake batter. She was making it at 7:30 when Bob woke up, then she went back to her computer. It's 8:26 now and she is still at her computer.


November 23, 2013

Playful Cosette

Monika found out that Cosette likes to play. She comes to the door every night and Monika plays with her with Da Bird. Cosette jumps all around after it and has a great time.

November 22, 2013

Monika Scent

Monika left her night shirt laid out on the bed for me so I can nap on her scent while she is at work.


November 21, 2013

Cosette Doesn't Like Catnip

Monika gave Cosette some catnip today, to see if she liked it, but she just ignored it.

November 20, 2013

Shocky Season

It's shocky season again. Every time Bob or Monika gives one of us pets we get little shocks. They feel the shock too and adjust how they are petting or holding us to try to make the shocks go away.

November 19, 2013

How Much Dirt Can They Have?

Us kitties are glad we don't live with the people upstairs. They run the rug sucking monster every day and some days they run it more than once. I don't know about the others, but I would stay under the bed if I lived there.

November 18, 2013

Sleep Machine or Snore Machine?

Yesterday I jumped onto the bed to nap with Bob and he had his C-PAP thingy on. Everything was fine until his mouth opened while he was sleeping. Then all of a sudden he started making a continuous snore sound because the C-PAP blows air into his nose continuously and it was coming out of his mouth like his head was some kind of weird horn. It was so loud it woke him up and he closed his mouth to stop it.


November 17, 2013

Gurgly Sleep Machine

Bob washed his sleep machine yesterday and when he put it back together there was still a little water in the hose. He found this out when he turned it on to go to sleep. It kept making gurgling sounds when ever he breathed in. He had to pull it from his face and let the water gurgle out of it so he could go to sleep.

November 16, 2013


I'm so happy! I lost a little weight, and now I can jump up onto Bob's desk for attentions again!


November 15, 2013

I Just Wanted To Visit Her

Last night Monika picked me up and told me Cosette was at the door. Then she brought me to the living room and put me down so I could see her. Only Cosette wasn't inside the door, so I went out to her, and Monika came running and said; "No outside!" and scared Cosette away. Then after I came back in, she closed the door.


November 14, 2013

Breakfast Time

This morning I heard Monika getting up, so I ran to the shelf that the food dish is put up on and sat patiently waiting for her to put the food down for me. She told me I was a good boy and gave me pets after she put it down.


November 13, 2013

Chilly Out Again

Bob just came back from his walk, and he says it is chilly outside. He said it only feels really cold if the wind hits you though. Last time it got cold it only lasted 2 days.  I wonder how long it will last this time?


November 12, 2013

Our Furry Cousins

Bob and Monika went to Aunt Joan's house and visited with our furry cousins.
This is Cocoa and that multicolored string is her favorite toy. Bob like to play with her and gets her chasing the string so much that she gets to tired and just tries reaching for it without getting up.
This is Sophie. She is kind of shy, but will let you get a couple of pets in before she runs to hide. You met Cocoa and Sophie when they were kittens and Bob and Monika watched them for a couple of days at our house.
This is Piper he likes to play, but he has not learned to watch his claws, so you have to be careful, else you get scratched, but Bob and Monika are used to that because I am the same way some times.
Zoey is one of our woofie cousins. She doesn't like cameras, so Bob couldn't get a good picture. She barks a lot when you first come in, but calms down when you give her pets.
This is Toby. He is a big time attention hound, and a bit of a ham. Bob always takes the woofies into the backyard to play when ever he visits.

November 11, 2013

Stealing Monika's Snuggie

Queen Munchkin here,

This is Monika's blue snuggie. She had it folded up and put away and I decided I liked it. So I pulled it down and laid it out and them curled up for a nap.


November 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday Morning

This morning we all got up for our treats and then promptly went back to our naps.


November 09, 2013

Wake Up, We're Hungry

Queen Munchkin here,

All us kitties were hungry and our food dishes were put up and Bob and Monika were still asleep, so we got together and decided we needed to wake one of them up. I decided that since I am Queen, I will do it. So I got on the bed and walked up between them to the head of the bed where I planned to lick the inside of Bob's ear which has worked in the past. But when I saw his sleep machine I got a different idea. I decided that if having it on makes him sleep, turning it off should wake him up. So I walked around his head and stepped on the power button and sure enough he woke up and said; "What did you do?" To which I just jumped down and ran under the bed.


November 08, 2013

Rug Sucking Monster

I heard Monika ask Bob to do the floors today.  That means that at some point the rug sucking monster is going to come out. You all know where I will be. Hiding under the bed.


November 07, 2013

Hungry Prince

This morning I was hungry, but Bob and Monika were still sleeping, so I cried and Monika heard me and got up and put down the food.


November 06, 2013

Nap Time

Queen Munchkin and I are trying to get Bob to come back to sleep. He said maybe some time after lunch. Right now he is getting ready to go take his walk.

November 05, 2013

Flirting With Cosette

Last night I got to go to the door and flirt with Cosette again. I wish she lived inside with us, but she doesn't like inside and Monika said we can't have any more indoor kitties.


November 04, 2013

Dona Nobis Pacem

Love and Peace to all.

November 03, 2013

I've Got The D Word Blues

I'm sad because when I try to jump onto Bob's desk, I fall back to the floor, and Bob and Monika have started putting the food up during the day. They say they are trying to help me lose some weight. Bob tries to get me to play chase too, but when ever he chases me, I run away once and then lay down and let him catch me.

November 02, 2013

Bob's Sleep Machine

Bob had to wash the tank and tubes for his C-PAP machine this morning. He also decided that he better start checking the tank more often. It was almost empty when he pulled it out to clean it.

November 01, 2013

Lazy Morning

We're all having a lazy day today. We got up for our treats, and then all found some comfortable places to go back to sleep.