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May 18, 2015

Threatened Name Change

Obsidian here,

This morning I tried to get into Monika's new bag of cheese puffs, so Bob told me , "No!" and move them away from me. Then When I tried to get them again about 20 seconds later he put them up high and told Monika they need to change my name to Pita because I like to be a pain in the A$$.

May 14, 2015

Guard Kitty

Starlight here,

I am guarding the bathroom door while Bob is in there so no one will mess with him, but I let Monika take my picture.

May 07, 2015

Mournful Princess

Princess Ashlyn here,

I think I found a good new way for training Bob and Monika. All I do is sit on my tree and cry mournfully and they both fall all over themselves to give me attentions. It also works well to get Bob to wake up early and give us our treats.