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February 28, 2014

Bad Printer

Monika's printer is being bad. It wont grab the paper and pull it inside to print on. Bob just set it up to clean the rollers. It says it will take about half an hour, but it doesn't sound like it is doing anything. I guess he will see what happens when it is done.

February 26, 2014

Bad Day Yesterday

Bob had a VA appointment yesterday, so he dropped Monika off at her work so he could use the car. The when he was headed home, a drunk driver came flying out of a side street and they had an accident that totaled the car. And what makes this worse is that Bob and Monika just put $1600 into the car for much needed maintenance last week. Luckily Bob is fine which just proves my theory that he is part cat, because he apparently has nine lives. 

February 24, 2014

That's What They Get For Leaving Us

Bob has to do laundry today, so we get to wreck the apartment for a while.


February 23, 2014

Under Where?

I was laying on the floor by the dresser when Monika came in and said she had to get under where. Then she opened a drawer and ducked down to get under it, but I guess she didn't fit, because she closed it and left again. Since when are drawers called wheres?

February 22, 2014

Can I Hang From It?

The ceiling fan is up. Now all I have to do is figure out how I can hang from it for non stop spins.

February 21, 2014

Bob's Busy

Bob just brought the step ladder into the computer room and he is looking at the ceiling fan box. I think he is getting ready to start.

February 20, 2014

A Project For Bob

Bob and Monika went out for a bit this morning and when they came back they had a new ceiling fan for the computer room. I guess that means Bob will be busy tomorrow while Monika is at work.

February 19, 2014

Bad Bob!

Yesterday, after he checked the mail, we got Bob to give us all attentions and then made him come take a nap with us. He got up and just finished refilling our water bowls when the phone rang. It was Monika and he forgot he had the car and had to pick her up at her work, so he hurried out to the car and went to get her.

February 18, 2014

Princess Head Warmer

Princess Boots has taken to sleeping on Bob's pillow lately, so at night when he comes to bed, he only has a corner of his pillow to lay his head on. He doesn't mind though. He says she keeps his head warm.


February 17, 2014

Happy Princess

Princess Ashlyn here,

I have been being extra shy lately, so Bob picked me up and brought me to his desk for cuddles to remind me of how nice they feel. He gave me bunches of pets, scritches and kisses and even combed me.


February 15, 2014

Morning Treats

Bob slept in late, but when he got up he gave us our treats. Then when we were done with them, he made breakfast sandwiches for him and Monika, so our pets got treats too.

February 14, 2014

February 13, 2014

New Outside Kitty

There is a new girl kitty that Bob sees on his walks around the complex. He named her Anastasia and say she is very well mannered. She called to him so he knows she is there, then sits politely while he is pouring food out for her and rubs against he legs and lets him pet her to say thank you before she starts eating.

February 12, 2014

Relieved Pets

Bob and Monika are glad that I am feeling better now. I had them very worried because King Obsidian didn't want to eat one morning and it turned out he had e coli and about a week later he went to the bridge.

February 11, 2014

Feeling Better

I'm feeling a lot better now. They are guessing that I ate a buggy or something and my system didn't like it. This morning I ate all my treats and then went to a food dish and continued eating.

February 10, 2014

Curious Princess

Princess Ashlyn here,

This morning, while Bob was loading it, I decided to climb into the dish washer and explore a little. Bob picked me up and brought me to my tree. Then he told me that if I wanted a bath, he would wash me in the sink. He also said; "Take my word for it; you don't want to be washed in the dish washer." Then when he turned it on, I heard all the water splashing around and I decided he was probably right.

February 09, 2014

Feeling Under The Weather

Bob and Monika are worried about me. They haven't seen me eat since my treats yesterday which they had to offer me twice and now today I don't even want my treats. Plus yesterday, I spent most of the day hiding under the bed. They want to take me to the V-e-t, but they don't have the funds to pay for it. I am out and sitting in my computer chair this morning, and Monika finally got me to eat my treats this morning. Then she went out and got me some chicken baby food to see if I would eat that.  I ate a little, but Queen Munchkin wound out finishing it. Bob is also worried because I did not purr when he gave me attentions this morning.

February 06, 2014

Lazy Day

We're having another lazy day today. We got up and came for our treats, but as soon as we finished them, we all went and found good places to nap.

February 05, 2014


This is Marble. He is a outside kitty that comes to our food dish everyday and he wants to move in and join our Court. Bob and Monika both like him, but with Bob not working they can't afford the added expense. I'm kind of glad because I am not sure if I want another male cat in the house.

February 03, 2014

Good Luck Bob!

Bob applied for a graveyard shift data entry job and the want him to come in for a test today to see if he is a good fit for the position.

February 02, 2014

Yucky Syrup

Monika decided to try IHOP at Home sugar free syrup for her waffles. She used it once and said the rest can go in the garbage. I guess sugar free means tastes yucky.


February 01, 2014

Finally, No Rain

It's not rainy today! Monika has the blinds in the computer room open so we can look out, but we are all sleeping because it is that time of day.