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June 30, 2005

Snacks and Cuddles

Today we all ran to the door to greet Bob when he came home from work, and he lead us into the computer room to give us our treats. After we were done he picked each of us up and cuddled us a little.


June 29, 2005

Medicine. YUCK!!!!!!!

Monika put some smelly medicine on us today. She said it is to keep fleas and ticks from getting us. I like that idea, but I could do without the smell.


June 28, 2005

Computer Work

Bob and Monika bought a new network card for her computer and now all three computers are networked to one modem.

June 27, 2005

Moving (Day 3)

Bob and Monika went to work as usual today and when they got home they went to work on fixing the computers. Now all three work.


June 26, 2005

Moving (Day 2)

Bob and Monika left this morning saying something about having to clean up, then when they returned they had the last of the stuff from our old house, plus some new stuff and all the groceries.

After everything was put away Bob started putting shelves back together and I tried to help him by making sure none of the small pieces got lost. I think he thought I was trying to steal them though because he said they weren't for me and threw a ball for me to go and play with.

They are still working on getting everything set up right. To me the biggest problem is that Bob's computer doesn't want to get on the internet. It is upsetting him too because he can't do his updates or check his email easily, but I just switched over to Monika's and now I can do my updates just fine.


June 25, 2005

Moving Day

They locked us in the bathroom and then we heard all kinds of noises and voices in the house. About half an hour later they let us out of the bathroom and locked us in the bedroom which was now empty. When they let us out of there even more of the house was empty and Bob went away for a while. During his absense Monika and a nice Lady named Jackie cleaned up and got more stuff ready to be taken away.

Next they all left and we kitties got to run all around in the mostly empty house and then when they returned they put us all in carriers except for me and took us out to the car. I got to ride in Bob's lap because there weren't enough carriers. I had a lot of fun watching out the window.

Then they brought us into this new place and it had all their stuff in it. They let us out on their bed and told us this was our new home. The other cats were kind of nervous and hid under the bed, but I went wondering all around looking at things. It was a fun adventure.


June 24, 2005

Early Post

Bob said he's going to take the computers down tonight, so I decided I better get my update done early.

June 23, 2005

New Bed

Monika found a small green basket with no handle and wanted to through it out, but I told her she wasn't allowed to and claimed it as another bed.

June 22, 2005

Watchful King

When Bob got home from work he started making and filling boxes again. He put all the stuff from his computer desk in one and after the hutch cabinet was empty King Obsidian got into it to sit and watch.

June 21, 2005

More Useless Boxes

Bob brought six boxes home from work, but they all had cardboard separators in them which they are throwing out when they get ready to fill the box. How am I supposed to get into the boxes with all that junk in them?


June 20, 2005

Useless Box

When Bob came home from work he made me a new box, or so I thought until he started putting stuff into it. Just what I need, another useless box.


June 19, 2005

More Boxes Gone

Bob and Monika took a lot of stuff from the house again today, but they staid home afterward this time.

King Obsidian said that Bob told him we were all going to be going to a new home next week. Sounds like fun.


June 18, 2005

Left Alone

Bob and Monika kept going away for a while and coming back this morning each time leaving less boxes and bins here. Then this afternoon they left again and they didn't come back all night.


June 17, 2005

More Space

Monika closed us in the bedroom for a while and when she let us back out a lot of boxes and bins were gone from the spare bedroom. Now we have a little more room to play around in there again.


June 16, 2005

Being Kittens

King Obsidian got into a empty tote and then called Bob and Monika to make sure they knew he had claimed it as his own.

Later I decided I would try climbing the curtain to get into the window, but Monika caught me and lifted me into it instead.

June 15, 2005

Bag Play

I couldn't get into any of the boxes so I found a nice paper bag to play in instead. Bob even came and played with me while I was in it.


June 14, 2005

Useless Boxes

Monika and Bob have started packing stuff again. The boxes are slowly taking over the front room and none of them are even empty. What good is a box that has stuff in it. I can't play in it that way.


June 13, 2005

Helping Bob Sort

Bob was sorting through some pretty colored books that he called comics and I decided I would try to help him. At first he thanked me for keeping some of them from trying to get away, but when I decided it was time to see if they tasted good, he chased me away. I guess comics aren't supposed to be food.

June 12, 2005

Groomed Princess

Bob combed my mommy Princess Ashlyn's fur today and pulled away a lot of the loose hair from her. When he was done she told me she liked it, but wished he had done so earlier as she is not shedding as much any more.

June 11, 2005

I'm Late

I was so busy playing with Queen Munchkin, Monika and Bob that I almost forgot to post.

June 10, 2005

Cat Joke

Monika brought home some kitty jokes and while Bob was reading them he started laughing real hard. Especially at this one; "Instructions For Giving Your Cat a Pill."

June 09, 2005


Monika and Bob are very happy today. They gave us lots of cuddles and said that soon we will all have a new home. Now I know why they have been acting so strange. I can't wait until we move. I love exploring new places.


June 08, 2005

Walk and Nap

The weather behaved today so I took Monika out for a walk and Bob came home while we were still out. Then after we came back in, I was feeling tired so I took a nap on the hutch to Bob's computer desk.

June 07, 2005


I was playing with Monika and I accidentally scratched her so she went and clipped all of our claws.


June 06, 2005

New Toy

Monika brought us a new toy that she said is a present from her Mommy. It's a big furry mouse that hangs from a string and we were all trying to grab it and run away with it, but it kept escaping and going back to the door. Finally Queen Munchkin bit through the string and caught the mouse. Now Monika has tied it back on. Wonder how long it will be before Queen Munchkin gets it again.


June 05, 2005

Monika's Home

Monika came back home tonight.


She picked me up and gave me bunches of cuddles and loving.

June 04, 2005

Sleepy Human

Bob woke up late again this morning. Seems he is better at waking up when Monika is home. He says it is because of the rain we have been having. When he got home from work he played with me and rubbed my belly. I like playing with him, but I really miss Monika. He told me that she will be back home tomorrow night. I can't wait.


June 03, 2005

Late Riser

Bob woke up late this morning and had to hurry out of the house to make it to work.

When he got home he played with all of us for a bit, and then his friend Rob came over to visit, so we all went and hid.

June 02, 2005

Missing Pet (Again)

Monika gave us all hugs good-bye today and said she would be back Sunday night. She is going to visit her parents for her mothers retirement party. I wish I could have gone with her, but she said it was too long of a trip.

June 01, 2005

Over Zealous Packer

Monika filled the box today, but she gave us a smaller one to replace it with. Later Bob went to make dinner and found out that she had packed the dish he was going to cook it in. Luckily she left some other dishes alone, so he was still able to find something to cook it in.