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January 30, 2016

Bob Clipped His Own Claws

Yesterday, when he got up, I followed Bob all around for attentions and he gave me bunches of pets and scritches when ever he could. Then he picked up the nail clippers and I ran away because I did not want clippy claws. When he didn't come after me though, I came looking to see what he was doing and found him giving himself clippy claws. Humans already have bad claws in the first place and to see a one clipping them is just weird, so I looked at him like he was crazy and just watched in utter shock.


January 29, 2016

Bonnie Checks In

This is Bonnie reporting from my new home. My new family sent Monika some pictures of me and I asked Bob to share them.

As you can see I have already made myself at home and my new humans love me very much.


January 26, 2016

Bonnie Has A New Family

Bonnie here,

This morning Bob closed me into the pet carrier they bring me to adoption events in and then a little while later. Vicky came and got me and brought me back to Pookie's where I had a new family waiting for me. This is me and my new Mommy,

January 24, 2016

Stinky Goodness Diet

Bonnie here,

Usually I don't like going to adoption events, but we went to a new store called Pookie's Bow Wow Bakery and the pet nutritionist there told Monika that the best way to bring down my weight is to only feed me stinky goodness. Now I am on a stinky goodness only diet for a while to see if it works.


January 20, 2016

I Hear Her, Why Can't I See Her?

Today Monika called Bob from work and he put her on speaker phone so she could talk to me. Then he put it on the chair next to me and I started sniffing at it trying to find her. After a few sniffs I knocked it on the floor and jumped down after it hoping that would make her come out, but she did not, so I hung it up and walked away.

January 16, 2016

Helping Monika

Cosette here,

Monika is working on a Christmas tree skirt, and I am helping her by holding it down and making sure it does not escape.

January 11, 2016

Raw Boost Mixers

Munchkin here,

Chewy also sent us these Raw Boost Mixers from Nature's Recipe to try out. The bag says you are supposed to put them over food to entice your cats to eat it and give them more protein to eat, but Bob gave them to us like treats. As usual Bonnie and I both liked them and ate them right up. Obsidian and Cosette each ate a little of theirs and then left the rest behind. Ashlyn surprised us though. She ate most of hers and only left 2 pieces behind. Let's see that's 4 paws each for Bonnie and me, 1 paw each for Obsidian and Cosette and 3 paws for Ashlyn. That adds up to 13 paws up!

January 10, 2016

New Food Report

Obsidian here,

Chewy sent us a new cat food to try out. It was ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine, Venison Recipe. I took a taste but did not care for it and Cosette took a sniff and walked away from it, but Munchkin and Bonnie both liked it. Ashlyn on the other hand took a wiff of it and looked at Bob like he had just tried to feed her mud. Of course she generally does not like wet food, but I never new she could give the evil eye so well.


All in all that is eight paws up.

January 08, 2016

Eggs Yummy!

Munchkin here,

Bob made ham egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast today and Monika gave some egg to Bonnie and me!

January 05, 2016

Bob Got Home Late!

Bob came home from work later than normal last night. So late that it was in fact this morning when he came in, and Monika was already awake and eating her breakfast. She already had our food down for us also, so Bob didn't give us our normal morning treats. Instead he went to sleep, at about 5:45, after a little time on the computer and shortly afterward Monika went to work. Then at about 12:30 I started getting hungry so I jumped onto the bed and gently nibbled Bob's ear. He woke up and asked me if I was hungry, then he got up and got treats for all us kitties. I was kind of hoping he would put our food back down, but he said it was too early for that so I just enjoyed my treats for now,

January 03, 2016

Bonnie's Harness

Bonnie here,

Monika told me that if I want to go outside I will have to wear a harness and be on a leash, so she went out and bought me a pretty red harness that brings out my colors. So far I have just worn it walking around in the house to get used to it and Monika even put the leash on me and walked around with me to get me used to that, but she has not taken me outside in it yet. I can't wait until I get to show off my pretty harness to all the outside cats!

January 01, 2016

Bob's Fast

Bonnie here,

The other night, when Bob got home from work there was a hungry kitty outside so he put down his stuff and got her a little food to eat. When he went back out to give it to her, I snuck out with him and he asked me where I thought I was going. I told him I wanted to play chase and ran to the closest tree to climb up it, but he caught up real fast and lifted me off of it before I could get too high for him to reach. He's much faster than I thought.