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May 31, 2006

W*rk: The Worst 4 Letter Word

After Bob gave us our treats I followed him into the kitchen to watch him get ready for work and to get some attentions because I didn't want him to go. He picked me up and cuddled me for a bit, then put me down and said he had to get his stuff together and that he didn't want to go to work either, but that if he didn't we would not have treats toys and food. I guess I better let him go then. I'll just get more attentions when he gets home.

May 30, 2006

Cat Calendar

Bob and Monika finally found where they had put their new calendars when they bought them last December and put them up yesterday. One of them has a kitty picture on it and I was trying to figure out how to climb the wall so I could see it better, so Bob picked me up and let me see it. It looked real to me so I tried to touch it, but it just felt like paper, and Bob said; "It's just a picture Frostin, there are no new kitties here."

May 29, 2006

Search and Clean

Monika is digging through a bunch of stuff looking for things for her computer and throwing out a lot of stuff she don't need. She had to pull out the cat carriers so she could get at the totes her stuff is in and all the other kitties ran to hide until they realized no one was chasing them. Then King Obsidian came and joined me in sniffing around and Bob opened one so I could get in it. The rest of the kitties think I am crazy because I like the cat carrier. When I was a kitten I used to like sleeping in it.

May 28, 2006

Foiled King

Bob slept in late this morning, but when King Obsidian went in to wake him up with a well placed claw, he picked him up and said; "Oh no you don't!" then he pulled him to his chest and cuddled him a little before he got up.

May 27, 2006

I Win

Bob went to the bathroom and thought he made it stinky in there so when he opened the door and started shaving I used our litter in there and showed him how it's done. Him and Monika both said I won hands (or paws) down.

May 26, 2006

Bad King

Guess what I just found out? Earlier this week King Obsidian was playing with one of Monika's moccasins and he chewed out some of the thread so there is a whole in the side now. Bob said he should be able to fix it though, they just need to find the right thread so it matches.

May 25, 2006

More Clipping

Monika did the rest of the kitties claws today and we all just sat there and let her. She is very pleased that we trust her that much now.

May 24, 2006

Clipped Claws

Monika clipped my claws yesterday and she was surprised because I just sat in her lap and didn't even fuss. I know she is very careful and that she will not hurt me, so it does not scare me. Besides I hate being velcro kitty and getting stuck on everything.

May 23, 2006

Chair Monster Revisited

Queen Munchkin and King Obsidian have decided they like the monster chair when there are no humans in it. They like to lay side by side in it and use it as their throne. Queen Munchkin has also taken to laying on Bob's or Monika's lap while they are in it. She just makes sure she gets down fast if they are getting up.

May 22, 2006

Attention Spots

Princess Ashlyn likes to sit at the end of the breakfast bar while Bob is getting ready for work so that he can give her attentions in passing. I decided to see if it would work for me too, so I got onto the cabinet that is next to the bar and laid to wait for him. It worked real good. He saw me laying there and said; "Frostin want some attention too." then he started petting and cuddling me.


May 21, 2006

Cuddles & Treats

Bob didn't sleep as late as he usually does when he is off this morning. He got up and cuddled all of us kitties one by one and then said; "Treat time." and we all ran to the computer room.

May 20, 2006

Early Rise

Bob got up early today and came straight into the computer room to give us our treats without shaving his fur off first. That was a little strange, but I am not complaining. Now if I could just figure out how to get him to do it every day.

May 19, 2006

Sleeping Queen

Queen Munchkin found a new place to sleep. Well new for her any ways. She laid between Bob and Monika's heads and slept for most of the night. I rarely sleep on the bed, but when I do, and I'm not scared that is where I sleep. Guess she saw me there and decided to give it a try.

May 18, 2006

Bed Tag

Queen Munchkin and I had bunches of fun last night. We waited until after Bob and Monika were both in bed for the evening and then we jumped up with them and played bed tag. We took turns chasing each other across the bed until Bob decided he wanted to play too, then Queen Munchkin told me we had better move our game to the guest room.

May 17, 2006

Chair Monster

Bob and Monika got a chair that can lay back and Queen Munchkin and King Obsidian quickly decided that it is their throne. Or at least it is when Bob or Monika is not sitting in it. Monika sat in it last night and laid back, then Queen Munchkin jumped up and laid between her feet on the foot rest to watch TV. Queen Munchkin said she enjoyed that arrangement very much until Monika got up and the foot rest thingy went back down into the chair. She jumped and turned to tell Monika that it tried to eat her.

May 16, 2006

Handsome Kitty

Monika put a whole bunch of pretty glasses in the cabinet
with all the windows yesterday. I went up on the table to look into the it when she was done and I saw the kitty that Princess Ashlyn was talking about. She never told me that he was so handsome though.


May 15, 2006

Kitty Cabinet

Bob and Monika got a big new cabinet with lots of windows all around and a mirror in the back. Princess Ashlyn was investigating it and she saw a pretty female kitty peeking back out at her so she tried getting in past the glass to say; "Hello", and the other kitty was trying too, but they couldn't figure out how to get in there. I wonder if there are any other kitties living in there? I'll have to check it out some time.

May 14, 2006

New Furniture

Bob and Monika came back late this afternoon and they had Monika's parents with them so we all hid under the bed. Then after we hid they closed the bedroom door and after they opened it the left again, but there was lots of new furniture for us to explore. They all came back a little while later and we all ran to hide again, and then after Monika's parents left we came back out to explore some more.

May 13, 2006


Bob and Monika are going away again. They said something about helping Monika's parents move, and that they will come back some time tomorrow. At least they won't be gone a long time again like for the funeral. King Obsidian tried hiding in their suit case. He told me he wanted to meet all the kitties we always smell on them when they visit Monika's parents.

May 12, 2006

I'm a Bad Boy

I was a bad boy last night. Bob was playing with me and I was having lots of fun, but I got too exited and I forgot to pull in my claws and I scratched him a lot. He stopped playing with me after that, but he hugged me and said it was OK and that he wasn't mad at me.


May 11, 2006

Night Time Attention

Last night I felt a little lonely, so I climbed onto the bed and Bob woke up and laid me back into the crook of his arm and then petted my belly. I enjoyed the pets for about 10 minutes and then I jumped down and let him go back to sleep.

May 10, 2006

Night Scare

I climbed up on the bed last night and headed down towards Monika's feet to lay down, but she rolled over and I got scared so I jumped back down and ran out of the room.

May 09, 2006

Helping Bob

We all took turns going into the bath room for attention while Bob was getting ready for work this morning. He gave us all pets and then told us he had to go back to shaving. I still don't understand why he takes his fur off?

May 08, 2006

Observant Queen

Queen Munchkin climbed onto the stove and watched Bob while he was making his lunch for work this morning. I think she was hoping to sneak a piece of his honey ham, but he told her that it wasn't for kitty cats and reminded her that when he put out ham for us last night none of us liked it.

May 07, 2006

Basic Human Control 101

Bob was sleeping late again this morning and King Obsidian and I wanted our treats, so King Obsidian said; "Watch and learn Frostin." Then he went into the bed room, jumped onto the bed, and poked one claw into Bobs back. Bob levitated off the bed a little, then turned around and hugged King Obsidian. Then he said; "I guess you want your treats, don't you buddy."

May 06, 2006

Treat Time

I was waiting at the door when Bob came to give us our morning treats, but the rest of the kitties were all in the bed room yet, so he opened the bag and shook it. Queen Munchkin and Princess Ashlyn came right away, but Bob had to shake the bag again before King Obsidian came. He told me he had just gotten real comfortable on the bed and didn't want to get up, but that the treats won.


May 05, 2006

A Queen's Hugs

This morning Queen Munchkin wanted whole bunches of attention so she followed Bob into the kitchen after he gave us our treats and softly meowed up at him. He understood what she wanted and picked her up and gave her lots of hugs.


May 04, 2006

Goodbye Norton

The Meezers Grandpa Norton died yesterday morning. I never knew him, but by his epitaph he sounds like he was a nice kitty. I hope he and his buddy Ralph are having fun, now that they are together again.

May 03, 2006

Foiled King

King Obsidian tried to keep Monika from getting dressed for work this morning. She pulled out a dress to wear and laid it on the bed, then while she was taking off her night shirt he went to curl up on the dress, but she picked it up and told him he couldn't lay on it and that he could lay on the night shirt instead. Then he just walked off because she had beaten him to the dress.

May 02, 2006

My Favorite Spot

Monika got a big box full of stuffs that she said I can't play with, but I don't mind. I like just laying on top of it. I've been using it as my bed for about a week now.

May 01, 2006

Pet Family Visit

Bob's brother and sister came by yesterday and he and Monika made all of us come out of hiding to say; "Hello." It wasn't too bad though because they was both very nice.