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July 31, 2011

Alarm Kitty

This morning I tried to play alarm kitty for Bob, but I was 20 minutes early, so he gave me pets until the alarm went off.


July 30, 2011

Lazy Prince

This morning I was feeling lazy, so I was just going to stay laying on the bed and let Bob bring my treats to me, but Monika came and picked me up and brought me into the computer room. She put me on Bob's desk, and he gave me my treats and then as soon as I was done eating them I jumped down and went into the living room to lay back down.

July 29, 2011

Wishful Thinking

This morning I jumped up onto the desk to get my treats first, and then when I finished them, I tried to get Bob to give me more, but he just told me that I already had mine. Oh well. It was worth a try.


July 28, 2011

Bad Timing

This morning I jumped onto the bed and laid down between Bob's legs to nap with him, and five minutes later the alarm went off and he got up. I didn't even have time to get good and comfortable. However both he and Monika gave me bunches of cuddles and pets before he got out of bed, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

July 27, 2011

Nurse Queen Munchkin

Queen Munchkin here;

I have been following Monika around allot lately trying to warn her that she is getting sick again, and she kept asking me what was wrong, but I couldn't tell her.

Yesterday Monika had to go to the Hospital because her Crohns was making he belly hurt. Luckily she didn't have to stay, but she has a new med she has to take.

I might have to start calling myself Nurse Queen Munchkin.

July 26, 2011

Taking Care of Bob

Bob had to go to the human's v-e-t yesterday and when he came back he was feeling ouchy, so he took some med and then took a long nap with us kitties instead of working half a day like he had originally planned to. Queen Munchkin, Princess Boots and I all napped with him and gave him lots of purrs to make him feel better.

July 25, 2011

First Come First Served

Queen Munchkin here;

This morning I followed Bob into the computer room and sat at his feet to wait for my treats. Just as he opened the first bag, Prince Frostin came running into the room and jumped onto Bobs desk hoping to get his treats first, but he Gave me mine first and then got some out for Frostin.


July 24, 2011

Lazy Prince

I was feeling lazy this morning and I wanted Bob to bring me my treats instead of going to the computer room for them. Then Monika came and picked me up and brought me in and put me on his desk. That's OK though because I still got to be lazy.


July 23, 2011

Editing Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

This morning while Bob was helping Prince Frostin blog, I jumped up onto his desk and played with the mouse while he was typing and made almost all of what he had already typed disappear. He had to delete the post and start all over again because I had even taken the table out of it.

Sleepy Prince

When Bob woke up this morning I was sleeping between his legs, so he woke me with gentle pets and cuddles and told me it was time for treats. I was still feeling kind of groggy, so I didn't come right away. But when Bob shook the treat back that woke me up and I came running. He gave me my treats and told me I was a good boy and then went to find Queen Munchkin and Princess Ashlyn to give them their treats.

July 22, 2011

Dr. Frostin

When the alarm went off at 5 this morning Bob's back hurt, so he reset it for 5:30 and stretched out laying on his back to get it to loosen up. I staid on the bed and purred to help make it stop hurting too. His back feels better now. He says he must have slept twisted funny for a while last night. He also gave me cuddles for helping it feel better.


July 21, 2011

About Last Night

Last night Bob was sleeping on his side for a while and Queen Munchkin and I had to lay cuddled together because it was the only way we fit on the bed. Then Bob tried to roll onto his back and he couldn't get his legs around both of us, so he picked me up and put me back down between his legs and then gave me pets until I relaxed again. Then he petted Queen Munchkin and let her snuggle against his leg before he laid down and went back to sleep.

July 20, 2011

Weird Pet

Bob is being weird again. He is using a big metal thing that is plugged into the wall to flatten some of Monika's clothes. It must be making the clothes thirsty, because every once in a while he sprays some water on them too, but they don't appear to be being bad like we are when we get sprayed.

July 19, 2011

Time For Bed

Last night Bob was playing on his computer and I decided that it was getting too late and that he should come to bed, so I came to the computer room door and told him. He said he was almost done and would come to bed when he finished. About half an hour later he finally got off the computer and hit the bathroom. Then he told me he was going to bed and headed that way. I gave him a few minutes to get settled and then I jumped up on the bed and got between his legs to guard him while he sleeps.

July 18, 2011

Sneaky Pet

I decided I wanted to play chase with Bob this morning, so I laid in the hallway and looked into the computer room at him. He got tricky on me though. He started coming, and then turned back again. Then when I came back to see where he went he came up real fast and picked me up. I tried to get away, but he held onto me with one hand and played with me with the other. Then he brought me into the living room and put me on the couch so he could play with me using both hands. I had fun, but he wore me out a little, so I jumped down and went and laid in one of my favorite resting spots.


July 17, 2011

Lazy Morning

Queen Munchkin here;

I didn't feel like getting up for my treats today, so I just staid curled up in my cat bed all nice and comfortable. Bob brought my treats to me and gave me pets while I was eating them. I'm so glad we have him and Monika trained so well.


July 16, 2011

Bad Internets

Internets are weird. We have had thunder storms close to the house and the internet worked just fine, but yesterday while Bob was working the internet went out and it wasn't even raining. Bob tried to get it to come back up and then had to go next door to call his Supervisor and tell him what happened and to call his internet provider to let them know also. They said they had already been told and that it should be fixed within 2 hours. Then when Bob was coming back to the house it started drizzling and about 45 minutes later it started pouring. It finally came back up 2 hours and 10 minutes after it had gone out.

July 15, 2011

Almost Late

Queen Munchkin here,

Bob thought he was going to have to come and find me to give me my treats this morning, but just as he was pouring them into his hand, I came running into the room and sat at his feet.

July 14, 2011

Treat Time Revisited

I tried getting Bob to give me the treats first again this morning, but he told me I had to be a gentleman and let the girl kitties get theirs first. He still gave me my treats before Princess Ashlyn got hers though, because she didn't come into the computer room like the rest of us. She was waiting in the cat tree for hers, so he brought them to her there.

July 13, 2011

Me First

This morning, when he was giving us our treats, I sat right in front of Bob and looked up at him to make sure I got mine first.


July 12, 2011

Treat Time

Lately all of us have not been coming to the computer room for our morning treats, but this morning we all came running when we heard Bob pick up the treat bags. Well all accept for Princess Boots. She is always waiting when he gets into the computer room.

July 11, 2011

Fidgety Pet

This morning, before he woke up, I was laying on the covers between his feet. He started getting all fidgety though, so I decided to jump down and guard his pants and shoes instead.

July 10, 2011

A Queen's Morning

Queen Munchkin here;

I'm having fun messing with Bob. I keep going up next to his leg and fussing at him, and then when he tries to pick me up I run away. He just said; "What do you want fussy girl? If you want attentions come on up in my lap." Then Monika piked me up and gave me cuddles. When she was done she put me down on the corner of her desk so I could bat at Bob's shoulder. Then he turned around and pulled me into his lap and gave me pets. But I don't want to be a lap kitty this morning, so I climbed onto his desk and turned to watch him read the blogs and tell him what I wanted to post.

July 09, 2011


Monika has been feeling kind of yucky lately, so she hasn't been getting up early to play her game before going to work like she usually does. This morning she got up good and early though so she can play before Bob has to start his work. Then after he starts she can take a nap if she wants because she is off today and tomorrow. She seems to be feeling a little better though, so she may just watch TV or do stuff around the house though.

July 08, 2011


The Zoo had a question as to why yesterday was both my birthday and my gotcha day, so I decided I would tell my story again.

When Bob and Monika adopted my Mom, Princess Ashlyn they did not know it, but she was pregnant. Then at about 2:30am on July 7 2004 Bob was woke up by a cry from Princess Ashlyn who was sleeping between his legs over the covers. He started to sit up to give her pets when I said my first meow and it was very tiny and soft. Bob stopped moving except for one hand which he started shaking Monika with to wake her up. He told her; "Wake up and turn on the light. I'm afraid to move I might kill something." She turn the light on and there I was laying with my Mommy. Then Monika picked up the stuff that came out with me and flushed it. When she came back Princess Ashlyn was already cleaning me and Monika told her she was a very good Mommy.

Thus they got me when I was born and my birthday and gotcha day are the same.

July 07, 2011

My Birthday / Gotcha Day!!!

I am seven years old today!

I'm also feeling very hyper so, as soon as he is finished typing this post for me, I am going to ask Bob to come and rough house with me.


July 06, 2011

Uncle Gary

Bob's brother Gary came over for a while last night. None of us kitties know him well, so we staid away at first. Then Princess Boots went in to say; "Hello." When she came back she told us he was not a bad person, so Queen Munchkin and I each took a turn visiting him. We all tried to tell Princess Ashlyn that he would not hurt her, but she is very shy, so she just hid under the bunk beds in the spare room.

July 05, 2011

Our Holiday

The 4th was relatively quiet here, but we still had fireworks going off in our neighborhood. Mother Nature even set off some of her own and added some rain. Bob thought the rain might keep the local fireworks away, but it did not rain all night, and about an hour after the rain stopped, the fireworks started.

July 04, 2011

Stubborn Pet

Bob is just being stubborn. I climbed up onto the bed to wake him up, but he just gave me bunches of pets and cuddles and said that it was not time for him to get up yet. Then when his alarm went off he sat up on the bed and said; "Let's go get treats." I say if he is awake enough to give me pets, he is awake enough to get up and give me treats.

July 03, 2011

Playful Prince

This morning I am in a playful mood, so I am running all around the house with my toy mousy trying to get the other cats to play with me.

July 02, 2011

Guarding Monika

Monika wasn't feeling good last night, and she couldn't get comfortable on the bed, so she wound up going back into the living room and sleeping in the recliner with the TV on. I followed her out and kept an eye on her all night, to make sure no monsters got her.

July 01, 2011

Bed Time With Bob

When I jumped onto the bed to lay next to Bob last night, he was laying on his stomach instead of his back like he usually does. I wanted him on his back so he could pet me, so I walked all over his back, then got next to his head and butted it to get him to roll over. He rolled over and then gave me some pets. Then I walked down and laid next to his hip so he could give me more pets and cuddles. When I had gotten all of the attentions I wanted, I walked down betwen his legs and went to sleep on my blanket.