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August 28, 2018

King of The Tower

Obsidian got up here and decided he wanted to get under the blanket, so I got on top of him. That makes me the King of the Tower.


Keep dreaming squirt! I'm the reigning King here.


Then why am I up here, while you are down there?

Cosette and Ashlyn;

Sounds like you two have been talking to Frostin.  Does that mean that we are Princesses again?

August 26, 2018

New Food

Sable here,

Chewy sent Bob another new food for us to review. It is weruva's BFF Potluck O' Pouches. There were 6 kinds and they all have funny names;

  1. Date Nite! which is Duck & Salmon in Gravy
  2. Purr-fect Plannin'! which is Chicken, Turkey & Salmon in Gravy
  3. Shazaam! which is Lamb & Tuna in Gravy
  4. Seeya Sooner! which is Chicken & Tuna in Gravy
  5. Ciao Baby! which is Chicken & Shrimp in Gravy
  6. Booya! which is Beef & Chicken in Gravy
They all tasted great, but our favorite was the Seeya Sooner! followed closely by the Shazaam!. What can I say? We're cats and cats love Tuna.

Obsidian and I are the only cats that like wet food here now, but we give this a big 8 paws up.


August 17, 2018

New Litter

Chewy sent us another litter from Frisco to try out. One major improvement over the last frisco litter we tried is that this one came in a jug instead of a bag, making it easier to handle and harder for the cats to get into before it was actually put into their litter boxes. Also this version doesn't seem to clump as solid. We had started using their original litter regularly, but we had to stop because it was clogging up our litter scoop and we had to use a screwdriver to scrape it back off. All in all I would give it 8 out of 10 stars.

August 16, 2018

Samson Has a New Home

Samson here,

My new pet humans came to bring me to my Furever home yesterday. Monika told me I am going to have another cat to be friends with, plus a dog. I'm not sure I know what a dog is, but I'm sure I will like my new home.

August 11, 2018

Farewell Queen Munchkin

Today is a sad day for Monika and me. Our Tortie Munchkin had to be assisted to the rainbow bridge. She was 18 1/2 years old and she was always Daddy's girl even though we originally got her for Monika. She quickly wrapped me around her paw and she was the Ruler in her Kingdom within our home. She hasn't been gone a full day yet, but already I miss her more than words can say. Enjoy yourself on the rainbow bridge and keep the other pets there in line Munchkin.

August 05, 2018

Foster Fail

Sable here,

Obsidian and I have bonded so well that Bob and Monika decided I get to stay with them forever. I'm so happy that I don't have to go to another humans home.