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November 09, 2016

Arthur and Guinevere's New Family

Here are Arthur and Guinevere with their new human's. We have since heard that they are doing well at their new home.

November 07, 2016

No Kittens To Play With

Bob here;

Arthur, Gwinevere and Merlin all got adopted this weekend. Poor Obsidian and Cosette miss there playmates. Jackie misses them too, but now she is venturing out of the bedroom more and hopefully she will start making friends with our cats now that she is not worried about protecting her babies.

November 01, 2016

New Litter Revisited

Bob was in the middle of switching all our litter boxes to a new litter and the box in the computer room was the last one with our old litter in it. We all liked the new stuff so much, we all but stopped using the last box with the old stuff. Then Chewy sent us some new litter to try and Bob emptied the old litter out, cleaned the box and refilled it with the frisco litter from Chewy to see what we would think of it. The next day when he went to clean the litters we had all used it including the foster kittens. He couldn't believe how much came out of it in the scoop. This litter is great and it gets 32 paws up!