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December 24, 2017

December 22, 2017

Cool Tin

One of Monikas' friends at work gave her a tin of cookies for Christmas and Bob got a good laugh from the picture. The tag on the box the kittens are putting the puppy into says; "Return to Santa."


December 21, 2017

Rant Time

Obsidian here,

I had to have a long talk with Bob yesterday. For a while now all he has been posting is reviews of stuff that Chewy sends us to try out and those are dictated by Munchkin. This is supposed to be my blog and we have had a few fosters here and I never even got to talk about them let alone anything else. Our current pair of kittens we just got on Tuesday and they are already leaving for a forever home today.  The pair before them we only had for a little over a week.

Also The Way Home has decided they are going to start TnRing also, so after the new year Bob and Monika are going to start catching our local strays that they feed and getting them fixed so there are no more stray kittens.

December 19, 2017

New Food

Munchkin here,

Chewy sent us a new food to try.  It's from Stella and Chewy's and it is dehydrated food.  It comes as very dry pellets and Bob has to mix them with warm water to rehydrate them and then crush them up for us.  Obsidian and I both love it, so it gets a big 8 out of 8 paws up.


December 09, 2017

Having Fun With Monika's Stuff

Obsidian here,

Monika likes to crochet while she is watching TV and I like to get on her lap to make it hard for her. A couple of days ago she started doing her crochet at the computer and at first I didn't catch on, so she got some stuff done. Then yesterday while she and Bob were at work I found her crochet hook and a couple of the little wooden hoops she is using for the reefs, snow flakes and stars she is making, so I took them all and had some fun. When Bob came home he found her crochet hook on his computer chair, one of the rings on the floor next to the litter box and the other ring in the top part of the cat tree.