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June 27, 2014

Stupid Litter Box

Princess Boots here,

Monika bought one of these litter boxes and set it up in the bath room a while back. Is it just me or is this a stupid design. I mean it may be OK for young cats, but when I have all four feet on the ground and I don't feel the wall under my body, as far as I am concerned I am in the box. Then when I start going I hear it splattering on the pad and feel it spraying onto my feet.


June 26, 2014

Meet Princess Cosette

I am Princess Cosette, the newest member of Frostin's Court. I am still nervous around the rest of the kitties, and I am not too sure about that man person they call Bob, but I loves Monika a whole bunch and I like getting bunches of cuddles from her. I just wish my babies were still here, but Monika assured me that they all went to loving humans.

June 20, 2014

Kitty Yums

Bob got these new treats from the people at Chewy, for us to try.  They're made with real turkey and they smell good, but I wouldn't eat them because they are too much like human food, and I don't like that. The rest of our Court loved them though, even my Mommy Princess Ashlyn, which surprised Bob because she usually will not eat human food either. I asked the other kitties what they thought and they all gave it two paws up, so that gives it eight out of ten paws.


June 14, 2014

They Made Me Into A Cone Head!

Inky here,

Monika and Bob took my brothers and I to get fixed Thursday. When we got home I was all groggy and I couldn't walk right, but after a while I started getting back to normal. Only there was one problem. My belly itched and when I looked down there I saw there was a string stuck on it, so I bit at it until I got it off.  Friday morning Bob and Monika noticed the string was gone, so after he dropped Monika off at work, Bob took me back to the Vet and they put metal thing on my belly, then to make things worse, they put this thing on my head. I tried getting it off for a couple of hours, but it has decided it wants to stay. Lucky for me Bob and Monika take it off me every once in a while and let me play and eat without it for a while. I just can't play with the metal things on my belly, because if I do they make me stop and put the hated cone back on.

June 12, 2014

Fur The Love Of Animals

Fur The Love Of Animals is a no kill shelter that runs out of the Orlando / Kissimmee area. They primarily focus on socializing stray feral cats and kittens. They do not believe in TNRing, rather, their approach is to try to get them socialized and into a forever home. With a lot of research and trial and error they have had success rehabilitating feral cats and are getting ready to celebrate their 100th rescued and re-homed cat. They work with all animals, however their primary focus is cats because right now the cats are in the most need.

They do not generally take in non-stray cats unless the owner is going to take them to a kill shelter. They are doing everything we can to help the fight against animals being put to sleep because they do not have a home. 

Their adoption process is tough because their goal is not just to find the cats a home but to find them the right home, the forever home. 

They can be found on facebook or twitter and their new blog Fur The Love Of Animals. They are non profit so if anyone wants to make a donation they can do so online at our donation site. They also have a wishlist set up.

June 11, 2014

Having Fun

Ring here,

Last night Bob and Monika let us out to play in the living room and we had a blast! We were running around all over the place and our Mommy Cosette even played with us. She got so excited that her tail puffed up and Monika laughed and said she looked like she had a raccoon tail.


June 10, 2014

Miscreant Kitties

Inky here,

Monika made the mistake of reminding us kitties that there are more rooms to explore Sunday night when she let us come into the living room for a while.  As a result, last night whenever she opened the door I ran out to explore and some times my siblings would run out with me and she would have to chase us all and put us back in the bedroom.  One time Bob helped her and he laughed and said we were all a bunch of miscreants.


June 04, 2014

Leave Us Alone, We're Sleepy!

Bob caught us all napping so he took a picture, but he went and woke us up first.


June 03, 2014

Camera Shy

Click to Mix and Solve Princess Boots here,

I don't like getting my picture take, so I would not face the camera for Bob.

June 02, 2014

Sleeping Cutie

Click to Mix and Solve Queen Munchkin here,

I wouldn't let Bob get a close up of my face, so He took a picture of me sleeping. He calls this puzzle; "Sleeping Cutie."

June 01, 2014

Pretty Princess

Click to Mix and Solve Princess Ashlyn here,

Bob made this pretty puzzle of me for you to enjoy. If you want to make your own puzzles go to JigZone and set up a free account.