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March 31, 2011

A New Friend

Aoise's Miewmie has a new little girl. Her name is Nomi. So far she only has four posts, but she seems to be very sweet. Let's all stop by and make her feel welcome.


March 30, 2011

Snuggle Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

Last night I jumped onto the bed and got Bob to let me under the covers between him and Monika. He let me under and rapped his arm around me so I could snuggle next to him, and I was just getting comfortable when Prince Frostin jumped onto the bed, walked across Bobs' chest and "accidentally" stepped on me through the covers. I got out from the covers real fast and chased Prince Frostin out of the bedroom, then told him to be more careful next time. Later I jumped on the bed and got Bob to let me under the covers again. This time I got pets from both him and Monika and I was enjoying the attentions until I started getting too hot, so I got out again and found someplace else to sleep.

March 29, 2011

Mean Pet

I'm not sure I like Monika any more. Yesterday before she went to work, she put our food dish up where we could not get to it, and she didn't put it back down until she came home from work. Then before she went to bed she had Bob put it up again until she got up this morning. She claims that we are getting fat and that we eat too much when the food is always out.


March 28, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Bob and Monika went to her parents for the weekend. When they came back yesterday afternoon, they gave us all cuddles and attentions and then a little while later Bob came in and took a nap with me.


March 25, 2011

Happy Princess

Princess Ashlyn here;

This morning I decided that I wanted some attentions from Bob, so I jumped up onto his desk and gave him my ultra sweet look. He picked me up and gave me hugs and cuddles and then he put me into his lap. Now I am happily watching him type and occasionally pawing at his hands to get him to pet me some more.


March 24, 2011


I'm not to sure that I like Bobs' training. I keep hearing all these strangers in the computer room with him, so I spend must of my time hiding in the bedroom. At least they don't come in hear so I can stay on top of the bed instead of having to hide under it. Princess Boots says that they are all shy and that they are hiding behind Bobs' desk. I might try coming into the computer room today for a peek. I bet a bunch of humans hiding behind a desk looks silly.


March 23, 2011

Helping Bob

Monday, while Bob was in training for his work, the phone kept ringing and he would have to turn up his headset to hear over the ringing. So yesterday I decided to do him a favor. Before his training started, and all those invisible people came into the room and started talking, I reached behind his modem and disconnected the phone. This worked very well until he tried to call Monika during his first break. When the phone didn't give him a dial tone, he emailed Monika to tell her the phone wasn't working. Then he plugged up the phone his new job sent him and checked it. That one had a dial tone, so he called her and told her to ignore the email, but his break was too close to over, so he told her he would figure out what was wrong with the base phone during his lunch break. After he ate his lunch the first thing he did was reach behind the modem to unplug and replug the phone line. As soon as he touched it, it fell out in his hand and he remembered thinking I was chasing a buggie back there this morning, so he pushed it back in and called her to let her know what happened. Next he came and found me and thanked me for a quiet morning.


March 22, 2011

Strangers in The House

There were people else in the house yesterday. All of us kitties except for Princess Boots ran and hid when we started hearing him talking. Princess Boots however staid in the computer room trying to find the strangers.

March 21, 2011

Bobs' New Job

Bob starts his new job today. He is going to be customer service for AT&T, but he is working from home. They sent him a box with a mini-server, a router, a headset telephone and just about everything but the monitor, tower and modem. It's all set up and ready to go.

March 20, 2011

Even Bobs' Belly Says Feed Me

King Obsidian here;

Monika was trying to play her characters and Bobs' both on their game, so Bob got up to help her and gave us our treats while he was up. Then once he got all off his characters back to doing stuff on their own, he went back to sleep. I decided to go back in and nap with him and everything was fine until his belly started making weird noises. After a while he decided to nap later and get up and have his breakfast to get his belly to quite down.

March 19, 2011

Early Weekend Treats

Monika made pancakes this morning and Bob smelled them and got up early to give us our treats while she was still cooking.


March 18, 2011

A Queen's Prerogative

Queen Munchkin here;

Last night, when he was getting ready to go to bed, Bob picked me up and brought me with him. His plan was to cuddle me under the covers before he went to sleep, but I ran off as soon as he put me down. However, I did come in at about 2 am and get him to let me under the covers for some cuddles then.

March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Darn, Bob and Monika both have green on. I was hoping to get to pinch one of them.


March 16, 2011

Night Time Cuddles

Last night, when she went to bed, Monika brought me with her and gave me undercover cuddles. She was holding me like she usually holds her teddy bear and giving me bunches of pets and cuddles. It was fun until I started getting too hot. Then I told her I was done and she let me go.


March 15, 2011

Undercover Attentions

Last night I climbed onto the small dresser by Bobs' head and butted my head against his to let him know I wanted attention. He pulled his arm from under the covers and patted the bed next to him to tell me to move down there and then he gave me some pets, but he pulled his arm back under the covers too fast, so I went back up and butted heads with him again. Then all of a sudden he grabbed me and pulled me under the covers and put me close to his hip. Then he gave me bunches of pets. He said something about it being too cold out from under the covers and his arm getting cold out there. I stayed under the covers and enjoyed the pets until I got too hot, then I ducked out the side of the bed and went to find some mischief to get into.


March 14, 2011

That Wasn't Supposed To Happen!

Queen Munchkin here;

Last night I was laying under the printer stand in the corner by Bobs' desk when I decided that I wanted to sit in Monikas' chair. Only problem is that when I got up to go jump into it, Bob turned to get something off her desk at the same time, so instead of jumping into the chair, I jumped straight into his foot. I was so embarrassed that I had to run into the master bedroom and hide under the bed for a while.


March 13, 2011

Weird Pet

Bob is strange on the weekends lately. For the past few weeks, he has been getting up with Monika, doing something on his computer, and then going back to sleep for a couple of hours. Whatever, so long as we get our treats.


March 12, 2011

Commanding Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

Bob forgot to clean our litters last night, so as soon as he sat in his computer chair this morning, I reached up and touched his leg to get his attention and when he looked down, I looked into the litter and then back up at him.

March 11, 2011

Laundry Service

Bob just went around and took all of our cat beds and put them in a big laundry bag and took it out to the car. I guess all us kitties have to sleep on their bed until he brings them back.

March 10, 2011

The Webcam and The King

King Obsidian here;

I heard Princess Boots and Prince Frostin talking about a webcam, so I got up on Monikas' desk to investigate. Bob gave me pets with one hand while his other hand played with the mouse, then all of a sudden, I could see both of us on his monitor. He continued giving me pets and talking to me and then he did something with the mouse and the picture of us stopped moving.

March 09, 2011

Water Scare

Princess Ashlyn here;

This morning I went into the kitchen to get some water and our dish was gone. I was just getting ready to get frantic that someone had stolen our water when Bob came up behind me with the dish all clean and the bottle all full again for us.


March 08, 2011

Sleepy Prince

I think I played too much last night. After we were done reading the blogs, Bob asked me what I wanted to write and all I could think of is, I want to take a nap.

March 07, 2011

Me And Bob

Here's another picture of me and Bob. I'm getting to where I don't mind the webcam as much.

March 06, 2011

New Pictures

Bob finally managed to get some pictures of me with the webcam. Sort of... They are OK if you don't mind blurry and dark prints.


March 05, 2011

Getting Evil

I tried to get Bob to wake up when Monika did at 4am so we could get our treats, but he wasn't ready yet. Then I asked King Obsidian to go in and wake him at 5, but Bob just got King Obsidian to curl up next to him and take a nap. Come 6 I wanted my treats, so I went back into the bedroom, jumped onto the bed and pounded my front paws into his bladder. Guess who got his treats?


March 04, 2011

Hiding From The Webcam

Bob tried taking some pictures of me with the webcam when I got on Monikas' desk for attentions, but as soon as I saw our image on his screen I turned tail and ran.


March 03, 2011


Bob is going to begin training for a new job on the 21st. He will be doing customer service work from home. They told him he has to set up a webcam so they can look over his work area, and also peak in occasionally to make sure he is really working, so he plugged his old cam back up last night and made sure it is still working. Monika says she wishes he could set it up on my blog so that she can peek in at us kitties while she is at work.


March 02, 2011


Bob has a rolling computer stand that he got permission from inside, then rolled home from a warehouse that had thrown it out back in the 90s. He keeps an old monitor, keyboard and mouse on it, and uses it while he is working on a computer to check that everything is working. This cart sit next to the door coming into the computer room so it is mostly out of the way when it is not being used. This morning when Bob was giving us treats Queen Munchkin was laying in the other side of the closet that is next to this stand and she decided she wanted to eat her treats there instead of coming out. Bob said OK and I watched him bring them to her from where I was standing next to the cart, but when he turned to go back to his desk, he got a little too close to the cart and his knee hit it. The noise it made scared me so I ran into the hallway. Then when Bob brought me my treats, he gave me pets and said he was sorry for scaring me.

March 01, 2011

Where's Our Food?

Monika accidentally let our dish get real low on food, so when Bob got ready to give us our treats we all came running. Then Monika saw our bowl and filled it back up for us. She apologized all over the place, and we forgave her on account of she is feeling sick.