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July 31, 2005

Big Kitty

Monika is afraid I may be getting too big for my bed, because when I lay on it part of my body remains on the floor, but I like it that way. I could curl up smaller, but it's fun being the big kitty.


July 30, 2005

TV Time

Bob and Monika have been watching their movie on TV all night and I was watching with them. Thought I might better write my blog before I forget.

July 29, 2005

Angry Queen

There is a white outside cat that visits our patio occasionally and I'm not quite sure what he did, but he made Queen Munchkin very
angry. She hissed at him so loudly that King Obsidian and I came running to see what was wrong and to back her up if needed.

July 28, 2005

Keeping The Pants on The Floor

Bob was taking his time on the computer so I decided to curl up on his pants and claim them for mine. I also like playing with the key thingies on them. They make nice rattling sounds.


July 27, 2005

I'm a Bad Boy

Monika opened the patio door so Bob could put out fresh water for the outside kitties and I snuck out ahead of him today. He caught me very quickly, but Monika was upset with me for sneaking out without having her on the leash with me. I'm going to have to be very nice to her for a while because I hurt her feelings.

July 26, 2005

Window Play

I got to play with the outside kitty that Monika calls Sunshine through the patio door today, but when Monika took me out to see if he'd play with me there he ran away.


July 25, 2005

Stink Butt Human

I snuck into the bathroom with Bob today and found out us cats aren't the only ones that can leave stinky tings behind. I don't know what he ate, but the smell chased me right out of the room.


July 24, 2005

Special Treat

Bob and Monika went to visit Monika's Mommy today and didn't come back for a long time, but when they did Bob cut up some steak and gave it to us.


July 23, 2005

Noisy Sink

Today the kitchen sink started making weird noises and I went to investigate. Monika said it was just the people in the upstairs apartment using the dishwasher, but I know it was coming from our sink.

July 22, 2005


I saw a kitty outside today and I wanted to go play with it, but Monika wouldn't et me go out, so I hid behind Bob's computer and pouted.

July 21, 2005

Computer Game

I got to watch Bob playing his game on the computer today. He play a guy that looks kind of like him, that runs around fighting bad people. I wonder if I can make a cat character and go around playing with other kitties. That would be lots of fun.

July 20, 2005

Walk Time

I brought Monika for a walk today, and Bob came with us and brought his camera along.

July 19, 2005

Lazy Day

I'm feeling very lazy tonight. I think I'll just curl up under the shelves and take a nap.

July 18, 2005

Cedar Chest

Monika's parents came to visit today and they brought a big wooden box that Monika called a cedar chest. I'm not quite sure what that is, but I know it smells good.

While they were here we all hid under the bed. I kept peeking out on occasion, but when Monika tried to catch me so they could pet me, I would run back where she couldn't catch me again. She did manage to catch my mommy Princess Ashlyn though. She said they were really nice and that she could smell other kitties on them.

July 17, 2005

Tag Day

I played tag with Queen Munchkin today, and later tried getting my mommy Princess Ashlyn to play, but I just wound out chasing her a little because she didn't want to play.

July 16, 2005

Computer Hog

I didn't think Bob was ever going to get off the computer. How's a kitten supposed to update his blog when the humans hog the computer?


July 15, 2005

Fancy Box

This morning I found a cool new place to lay. It's plastic and has 4 sides like a box, but they are curved with slots all over them. I think it would be more comfortable though if Bob and Monika would keep their dishes out of it.

July 14, 2005

High Chairs

Bob and Monika bought a couple of really big chairs they call stools. I like them because when I sit on one I am very high off the ground. They make me feel big.


July 13, 2005

Hiding in My Old Safe Place

Today I opened one of the drawers on Monika's side of the bed and climbed into it. When I was a kitten my Mommy used to hide with me in the drawers under the bed because King Obsidian and Queen Munchkin were not very happy that Princess Ashlyn who was new to the household at that time had brought another new kitten into the house. Luckily Bob was working nights then so one of our Humans was always here incase of trouble.

July 12, 2005

Playful Queen

I was napping in the top hole of or tower when Queen Munchkin decided she wanted to play. She kept reaching up and bopping my face until I jumped down and chased her across the living room, then we wrestled for a bit. If I didn't know better I would have sworn she had gotten into some catnip.


July 11, 2005

Bad & Funny King / Oopps

King Obsidian was very bad this morning. He attacked Queen Munchkin because he wanted the spot she was sleeping in.

Later he got silly though. When Bob and Monika got home from work Sid tried to curl up in the small shoe box, but he was way too big. Bob and Monika couldn't help laughing.


I tried jumping at a bug in the window tonight and fell onto the corner of the dresser on the way down. I wasn't hurt, but Monika saw me and came to make sure I was OK.

I was so embarrassed!!!

July 10, 2005

New Boxes

Bob and Monika bought new shoes today and they gave us the boxes. Monika thinks I am silly because I like the box from her shoes even though it is too small for me.

July 09, 2005

We Got Steak

We all got steak for a treat this morning. Bob cut it up real small and split it between us. He even heated it a little for us.


July 08, 2005

Adventure Time

Bob and Monika took me for a ride in the car and we went to a pet store where I was allowed to walk around. I had fun there until too many people started coming around, than I got nervous and told them I wanted to go home. They said OK and picked me up, than they bought me a big furry mouse to play with and a funny looking ball. I love having new toys.


July 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm one year old today. Bob and Monika brought home some steak for us.


July 06, 2005

Fake Bob?

I think someone stole Bob and replaced him with a double. My Bob never plays computer games, but this one has been playing one called City of Heroes for 2 days now. I have to wait forever to be able to get on to
do my update.


July 05, 2005

Play Time

I was playing chase with Monika and I hid under the bed so she wouldn't be able to catch me, but she tricked me by shaking the treat bag, and grabbing me when I came out. After she let me go I decided to hide in Bob's pants to rest for a bit.

July 03, 2005

New Toys

Bob and Monika went shopping today and they brought us home a
new toy to climb and sit on. They also got us some fuzzy balls that have catnip all over them.


July 02, 2005

New Outdoor Kitten Friend

Tonight there was a new kitty on our patio and I played with it through the glass door. We had a lot of fun. I hope it comes back to play again soon.

July 01, 2005

New Use For a Bed / Strange New Box

This morning I got tired of laying on top of my bed, so I crawled under it. Monika and Bob must have thought it was because they were laughing as they went out the door.

After they got home they went shopping and Bob got a big strange looking box with a cover that closes over the top and latches. I've been studying it trying to figure out a way to get into it.