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January 31, 2013

Wake Up And Give Me Attentions

I needed lots of attentions last night, so I kept waking Bob up and getting him to give me pets and cuddles.  He said I picked a good night to do it though because he is off today, and can take a nap if he gets tired.

January 30, 2013

Fixed Computer

Shortly after Bob helped me post yesterday, Monika suggested that he try doing a system restore and it worked.  What ever the aliens did to his computer has been undone.


January 29, 2013

The Aliens Got Bob's Computer

Bob's computer went all wacky. When he turned it off last night everything was normal, but when he turned it back on this morning, half of his programs were gone and his desktop picture was back to the default picture.  He had to go through and set up his bookmarks again too.

January 28, 2013

Happy Princess

Princess Ashlyn here,

I  was in the mood for some extra attention this morning, so I went into the computer room and jumped onto Bob's desk.  He backed away from the computer and took me into his lap, and then he started giving me bunches of pets and he even combed me.


January 27, 2013

Mind Switched Pets?

Bob says he think I might be part right about the aliens, only they have not replaced him and Monika, they are trying to reverse their personalities.  Usually, on a day off, Bob likes to sleep in late and Monika gets up early to get on the computer.  This morning Bob rolled over and was awake at 6 am and it is 6:40 now and Monika is still sleeping and shows no sign of waking up. 

January 26, 2013

My Morning

Bob slept in a little late this morning, but he got up before his alarm started playing it's music and turned it off.  Then he turned around and gave me bunches of pets and cuddles because I was on Monika's side of the bed napping with him.  Then he got up and went to get our treats, but I staid on the bed, so he brought mine to me.


January 25, 2013

New Normal

Bob and Monika are still acting a little strangely, but I think we are safe.  We still get our treats every morning and lots of cuddles during the day.


January 24, 2013

They Got Monika!!!!!

Oh no!!  Monika is a alien too!  She slept in late this morning. Monika never sleeps late.

January 23, 2013

Being Careful Of The Alien

Bob tried to get me to come into the computer room while he was working again yesterday.  I came to the door and let him pet me, but I would not come in, so he said; "OK" and closed the door again.

January 22, 2013

Watching TV

A new season has started again, so Bob and Monika have been watching TV again, instead of just playing on their computers.  We cats like watching TV with them and miss it when their shows are not on.

January 21, 2013

It's Good To Be Queen!

Queen Munchkin here;

I'm sitting on the pillow by the window in the computer room that Bob put on top of the litter for us and Bob is giving me pets between reading the blogs.  It's god to be Queen!


January 20, 2013

No More Bunk Beds

Yesterday Bob and Monika went into the spare room and took apart our bunk beds, then later Bob's friend Rob and his sister came and got the pieces.  We kitties are very upset because we used to like laying on the bottom bunk, and Queen Munchkin even liked getting on the top bunk some times.


January 19, 2013

Bob's An Alien

I have decided that Bob has been replaced by an alien. Here's my evidence;
  • He gets up early in the morning when he doesn't have to.
  • He doesn't drink Mountain Dew any more and hardly drinks coffee now.
  • He has tried to let me come into the computer room twice while he was working.
  • He has started going outside and taking walks.
All of this stuff  except for the walking is stuff I have never seen Bob do before.  Therefore he must have been replaced by a alien.

January 18, 2013

Winter Has Found Us

Bob says he thinks Orlando finally figured out that it is winter. For most last week we had temperatures in the 80's , but today the high is expected to be about 64 degrees.  Bob said that when he lived in New York,  that was warm for this time of year, but when your system is used to 85 degrees and all of a sudden it's only 64, that's cold!

January 17, 2013


Princess Ashlyn here;

Bob came to give me attentions in my tree this morning and I was enjoying the pets so much that I started dancing.  Only problem is I forgot where I was and I almost danced out of the tree!

January 16, 2013

I Could Get Used To This

Princess Ashlyn here;

I came into the computer room hoping Bob would put me on his desk and give me attentions again today, but he was still eating so I waited patiently.  Then Monika came in and said it was time for her to go to work and I thought I lost my chance so I went back to the living room, but after she left Bob came and got me and brought me back to his desk for cuddles and attentions.


January 15, 2013

Happy Princess

Princess Ashlyn here,

I came to the hallway and told Bob I wanted attentions, then ran to my tree for him to give me cuddles there, but instead he picked me up and brought me to his desk for cuddles.  He even stops to give me pets while he is typing for me.  I might have to try this again some time.


January 14, 2013

Snore Party

Last night I was laying between Bob and Monika trying to sleep and they were both snoring so I went under the bed.  Then according to Bob I started snoring.  Serves them right for making it hard for me to sleep.


January 13, 2013

Now What

I think a alien may have replaced Bob. He is off today and he got up at 6 am.  Bob never gets up early when he has the day off

January 12, 2013

Well Trained Pet

I played alarm kitty for Bob this morning.  He had his alarm set for 7, but at 6:45 I decided I couldn't wait any more for my treats, so I jumped onto the bed and put my face in his.  He said OK and turned off his alarm, then he hit the bathroom and headed to the computer room to get our treats.  Of course by the time he got them together I was hiding under the bed, so he had to bring mine to me.  I'm glad that I have him trained so well.


January 11, 2013

Cuddles & Treats

This morning I staid in the living room while Bob was getting the treats and Monika came and picked me up for cuddles.  I started fussing because I was afraid I would not get my treats, but as soon as Bob walked up with them in his hand she let me down so I could get them.

January 10, 2013

A Change In Routine

Monika usually gets up before Bob and put our food bowls down for us before she gets her breakfast, but today they both got up at the same time so she did not get our food until after Bob gave us our treats.  She didn't want us not to eat the treats because we had just eaten.  I guess that is OK.

January 09, 2013

Happy Prince

Today while Bob was reading the blogs to me, I asked him to take a break and give me some attentions.  He gave me bunches of pets and cuddles and scritches and then when he went back to reading he kept reaching over and giving me more pets and scritches.  I have to do this more often.


January 08, 2013

New Kittencam

There are new kittens on the kittencam. The address is changed again, so you are going to want to edit your bookmark if you have it saved.

January 07, 2013

Sleeping With My Pets

I like sleeping cuddled between Bob and Monika at night. I usually lay between their legs, so I don't get too hot, but some times I decide to go to my old spot which is the other side of Bob next to his hip.  No matter which spot I lay in though Bob always gives me pets until I relax and then generally leaves a hand touching me.


January 06, 2013

Hiding Prince

I'm back to hiding under the bed and having Bob bring me my treats there.  He tells me I am a silly boy, but he still brings them to me, so I guess being silly is all right.


January 05, 2013

Lonely Prince

I got all lonely yesterday while Bob and Monika were working because Monika was gone and Bob had the computer room door closed.  What made it worse was that Queen Munchkin and Princess Boots were in there with him for most of the day.  He said something about they don't try to get on the desk and I like being on the desk too much.  When ever he had a break he came and gave me attentions, but then when he went back to work, I was all lonely again.  I know my Mommy, Princess Ashlyn, was out here with me, but she just stays in her tree all day and doesn't come around us other cats except when it is treat time.


January 04, 2013

Feeling Better

Bob is still feeling a little yucky, but he has the meds he needs, so he should be able to work today.

January 03, 2013

Sick Pet

Bob wound out sick and on the human's litter thing a lot yesterday, so he did not log in for his work.  So far he seems better this morning.  Monika thinks maybe his antibiotic does not like his cereal.  This morning he made Canadian bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches though so we will see what happens.

January 02, 2013

Back To Lonely Work Days

Monika's vacation is over. She had to go to work today, so I am going to be left semi petless while Bob is working with the door closed.  He always gives me cuddles when he comes out on his breaks, but it just not the same.


January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone has a great New Year!!