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May 31, 2005

New Box

Bob and Monika put together a big box and left it on the floor until they think of something to pack in it.

That suits Queen Munchkin and me just fine. She got inside it, and we played bat tag through it like we do in the tub.


May 30, 2005

Lazy Day

Bob pulled a box out from under the dresser and emptied it for me, so I curled up in it and took a nap.

Later I saw my Mommy, Ashlyn, sleeping on a bin in the window, and climbed up and curled up next to her for another nap.

May 29, 2005

A Tub Full of Babies????????

Bob had to work this morning and Monika went to a baby shower. I didn't know that babies come in showers. I thought just water did. Catching babies in the shower must be exhausting because when Monika got home she went bed for a long nap.

May 28, 2005

Nowhere To Hide

Bob got up a little late this morning and then he and Monika went out for a while. When they came back they were talking about how nice someplace was and that they hoped everything worked out. Later they watched a movie with a guy running around with a rolled up piece of paper and wearing weird glasses with different color lenses that move up and down. During the movie they took apart a couple more of the shelves I like hiding under. Pretty soon I'll have to find a new hiding place.


May 27, 2005

Lost Hiding Place

Monika has started taking apart the shelves in the living room that I like hiding under. Her and Bob took the DVD's and video tapes off most of them last night.

May 26, 2005

Still Suspicious

Bob brought home some more boxes and they packed one of them, otherwise they are acting semi normal today. I still know there is something going on though.

May 25, 2005

Still Wandering What's Up

Bob and Monika came home from work late tonight and they were
carrying some more printouts like the one Bob has been making. They also brought home more boxes, but neither of them did any packing. I wish I could figure out what is going on.

May 24, 2005


It just keeps getting weirder here. Bob didn't go to work today, but he was still gone for about 6 hours, then when he got home he
packed some more, and Monika did when she got home too. When they finished packing I thought they would get a little more normal for the rest of the night, but they both left again and didn't come back for half an hour.

I don't know what is going on, but I'll be glad when things are totally back to normal.

May 23, 2005

Still Confused

Bob and Monika are still packing stuff, and my Mommy's original owners were here for a bit. I don't know what's going on, but what ever it is, it's making my humans act very strange.

May 22, 2005

More Strangeness

Bob and Monika are still acting strange. Monika packed some more stuff, and through out a lot of stuff too, and Bob is still printing stuff from the computer and making a lot of phone calls. They also both went out with a handful of the stuff Bob printed and when they came back he said; "So much for that one." and threw the handful of paper in the garbage.

May 21, 2005

Now What??!!

I'm not sure what is going on but Bob and Monika have been acting strange. Today while Bob was at work, Monika packed a bunch of books and took them away, then when she came home she started packing stuff from around the house.

When Bob came home they got groceries which is normal, but after they ate he started printing out a bunch of pages with pictures of buildings and what he referred to as floor plans on them.

May 20, 2005

Lonely Night

Shortly after Bob came home from work him and Monika left. A couple of hours later he came home, but she is still gone. I miss my favorite pet.


May 19, 2005

New Beds

Bob got us all new beds with our names on them, but so far I am having more fun in the box they came in.

May 18, 2005

Stubborn Sleeper

I Tried waking Bob up lots of times this morning because I wanted to play, but he kept saying he had to work, and going back to sleep. He's no fun at all when he is tired.


May 17, 2005

Sick Computer / Sneaking King

I didn't know computers could get sick, but Bob said ours had a virus yesterday so I couldn't do my post.


Since we couldn't get on the computer we sat in the living room and watched a movie. I always like watching the TV especially when Monika has a show with animals on it.

King Obsidian tried sneaking outside today because he saw the kitty that looks like me out there, but Monika caught him.

May 15, 2005

Late Rising Pet / Curiousity

Bob was sleeping late again like he does every Sunday so I asked King Obsidian to wake him up so we could get our treats. He went in and poked Bob with one claw to get his attention, but when Bob said; "I'm not ready to wake up yet Sid."; instead of bugging him some until he got up, King Obsidian curled up in the crook of his arm and went to sleep with him. I think I may have to try to usurp the throne.


I was laying on Monika's pillow and I saw a button on the phone by the bed that made me curious, so I pressed it. All of a sudden it started making a strange beeping sound and Bob came into the room to see what the noise was. Then he called Monika and told her that I had paged the phone. More like I paged them because they both came in and started playing with me.


May 14, 2005

Kitten War

Bob learned about a fun kitten site from Muddy on Blogging Cat. It is called Kitten War. Last night he uploaded a bunch of pictures of All of us kitties.


May 13, 2005

Being Different

I confused Monika today. When she got home she put my harness and leash on for a walk, but I decided I didn't want to go out. Usually I can't wait to get out the door.

May 12, 2005


Bob found another cats blog. It is called PsychoKitty Speaks Out. It is written by a cool Tuxedo Cat named Max.

May 11, 2005

Sneaky Kitty

Monika and Bob both got home late tonight. Monika came home first and when she saw that Bob wasn't home yet she gave us our treats. Then when Bob got home I tricked him into giving us treats a second time.

*sly grin*

May 10, 2005

Shut Out

I saw Bob going into the bathroom and decided I would go in and get him to rub my belly. When I got to the door he had closed it.


See if I play with him any more tonight.

May 09, 2005

Human games

Monika plays a computer game called Dark Ages of Camelot, and I laid on the top bunk in the spare room watching her for a while. She talks to the people she is playing with and some times they say Hello to me.


May 08, 2005

Late Sleepers / Catnipped Queen

Bob and Monika slept late today, especially Bob. Guess concerts make humans tired.

Monika put catnip on our tower and Queen Munchkin got on top of it an was trying to roll around, but there wasn't enough space. She kept almost falling off.


May 07, 2005

Concert Pets

Bob and Monika went to a concert today. They were looking forward to it for a long time, but wound out coming home early because Monika got a earache.

May 06, 2005

Interesting Human Toy

I was looking around on the table and I found out that Bob has a new kind of toy to play with. He called them dice.


May 05, 2005

Missing Monika

Monika is late tonight. Bob said she will be home later and that she is helping a friend. I keep going to the window every time I hear a car hoping it is her.

May 04, 2005

Rainy Day

It started raining this afternoon and Bob wasn't home yet so I got a little nervous. Luckily Monika came home early because she didn't feel good and she was there to cuddle me so I wouldn't be afraid.

May 03, 2005

Key Attack

I sat watching Bob switch his stuff from his old pants to the ones he is wearing today, and when he took the keys off his belt he dropped them right onto me. *pout* I think next time I'll watch from farther away.

May 02, 2005

Pet Watch

I missed Bob and Monika today, so I sat in the window and watched for them to return. When they came in the door I jumped onto the table and got Monika to pet me before I went looking for Bob to get my treats.

May 01, 2005

Absent Pets

Bob and Monika left yesterday afternoon and didn't come back until about 12:30 today, and then about half an hour later they left again and didn't come back for 3 hours. I'm half tempted to ground them.