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July 31, 2008

Belly Toll

I just captured Monika with a belly toll. She got up and was coming out of the bedroom and I rolled onto my back as she came toward me. It gets them every time.


July 30, 2008

Watching Bob

I got up in my high spot and watched Bob getting his lunch ready for work this morning. I love watching my pets do stuff, some times it facinates me and other times it is just so funny.


July 29, 2008

Pampered Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

This morning Bob picked me up and carried me to the computer room for my treats. I love it when he spoils me like that.


July 28, 2008

BLUE Spa Blahs

I have decided that I don't like the BLUE Spa Select treats. Bob thinks that they may be bothering my urinary tract, so he is going to finish them off with the other cats and then not buy them any more.

July 27, 2008

A Kings Favorite Toy

King Obsidian here;

We had this toy called a SmartyKat Loco Motion that I enjoyed playing with a lot, but I tore all the feathers off it, so Bob and Monika bought a new toy to attach to it and Bob sewed it on for me. The new toy is bigger than the feather thing was and I keep trying to tair it off like I did the feathers, but it keeps coming back out of my paws and moving around some more. Now I have to learn better hunting skills to capture it.

July 26, 2008


Bob picked up some new treats for us to try!

July 25, 2008

Belly Rub Training

Princess Boots taught me a new thing to train our pets to do. She calls it a belly toll. When you see a human coming coming toward you, you wait until they're only a couple of steps away and then you roll onto your back and present them your belly to rub. She likes doing this to Monika and Bob all the time and she says that belly rubs are the best.

July 24, 2008

It's Cool Again!!!

The Landlord had to come over twice yesterday, but the A/C works now. It's so nice to have cool air again.


July 23, 2008

Still No A/C

The owner came over and fixed the A/C yesterday, but it only worked for a while and then it stopped again. Monika called and told him and he is coming over to try fixing it again tomorrow. I hope he gets it to stay working. I don't like it being so warm in here.

July 22, 2008

No A/C

The A/C thing isn't working. Bob and Monika called the owner and he is supposed to have someone come fix it today, but for the time being all the fans are on and all us kitties are staying on the floor because it is cooler down here.

July 21, 2008

Sleepy Princess

Princess Ashlyn here;

Last night I fell asleep on our chair in the computer room while Bob was playing his game and when he finished he picked me up and took me to the bedroom with him, so I could snuggle next to him. I only stayed for a little while, then it got to hot so I moved up over his pillow and slept there for a while.

July 20, 2008

Gentle Reminder

Queen Munchkin here;

Bob had to work yesterday and when he got home, he gave us all our treats, but he forgot to clean our litters. I let it go at first because he was talking to Monika. But when he loaded his game on the computer I put my paw on his lap, then when he looked down I gave him a dirty look, then looked down at the litter box next to his desk and back up at him. He petted my head and said; "OK baby, I'll fix the litters." Then he told Monika that I had told him.

July 19, 2008

Playful Princess

Princess Boots was in a extra playful mood last night and we played chase all over the house. We had a blast. She is lots of fun now that she is learning to play more.

July 18, 2008

Screen Saver Fun

Last night Monika got on her computer for a while and I sat next to her monitor so I could get some attentions while she was reading her emails.

When she finished she made the screen saver into a spring that floated all around on the screen and I had fun trying to catch it. Bob wanted to get video of me playing with it, but as soon as he touched the camera I stopped playing with it.


July 17, 2008

Bug & Magic

There was a buggy in the bathroom this morning. Queen Munchkin and I saw it on the ceiling and were watching it and trying to figure out how to get through the glass to try to jump up to where it was. Then Bob did some kind of magic because he was behind us, but he swatted it with a towel and it fell to the floor where we could chase it.


(They had spotted it's reflection in the mirror and were both standing with their front paws against it trying to push through.)

July 16, 2008

Playful Queen

Queen Munchkin has taken a liking to the little fortune thing that Bob made for me. Last night she was having a great time chasing it all over the place.

July 15, 2008

Helpful Pet

Queen Munchkin here;

This morning I had a piece of fur on my nose and I was trying to get it off but it was stuck, so I jumped into Bob's lap and asked him to get it for me. He saw it and pulled it off for me and then gave me bunches of snuggles and pets.

July 14, 2008

They're Back!

King Obsidian here;

I missed Bob and Monika a lot while they were gone this weekend, so I followed them both all around last night and gave them a pouty face to make sure I got plenty of pets.

Queen Munchkin here;

I thought that I was going to punish Bob for leaving this weekend by not letting him hold and cuddle me, but he picked me up and gavr me a hug, and I melted right into his arms. Then I sat in his lap for bunches of cuddles.

Princess Ashlyn here;

I hid under the bunk beds when Bob and Monika came home and when Bob found me I went all the way to the back so that he could not grab me. Then he reached under and just barely pet my toes because that was all he could reach and told me he would give me cuddles when I was ready and left. I decided I wanted more pets so I followed him to the computer room and he picked me up and gave me bunches of cuddles.

Prince Frostin here;

Sheesh I finally get to post in my own BLOG!

King Obsidian ahs stolen my trick. We were taking turns pouting at Bob and Monika and getting bunches of attentions after they got home last night.

July 12, 2008

Thanks Max for showing us this wonderful site. My whole court is very happy that someone has come up with such a wonderful way to help feed hungry kitties.

July 11, 2008

Big Toy - Small Toy

I stopped playing with the fortune teller thing that Bob made me because it was too big, so he made me a smaller one and it is more fun to play with because I can toss it up and then go catch it.


I still like the big one though. I like snuggling against it.

July 10, 2008

Enjoying The Attentions Before They Go

I found out why they have been stretching out my birthday. They're going away this weekend.


There weren't any new toys last night, but they both played with me and gave me bunches of cuddles. Bob even told his friend on the computer BRB so he could come give me belly rubs and cuddles.


July 09, 2008

New Toy

Monika brought me a new mousie that sqeaks! I think this birthday stuff may stretch out all week.


July 08, 2008

I Get To Have 2 Birthdays!!!

I played with the toy Bob made me just long enough for him to write the post for me, then walked away and left it. He said it is OK though because they are going to celebrate my birthday with more presents on Saturday. I get to have 2 birthdays and only age 1 year.


July 07, 2008

I'm 4 Today!!!

I thought that everyone forgot it was my birthday/gotcha day today, but when Bob and Monika got home they gave me bunches of birthday cuddles and Bob gave me extra treats. Then Bob got a piece of his heavy printer paper that he uses for pictures and CD sleeves and made me a special toy. He said when he was a kid they used to call them fortune tellers. All I know is that it is a little springy and it is fun to chase around the house.


Happy Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

I climbed onto the bed and woke Bob long enough for him to lift the covers so I could snuggle next to him, then we both went back to sleep.

Now I am laying in his lap and he is giving me cuddles and pets.


July 06, 2008

Bob Training

Bob's training is coming along well. This morning when he got up he said; "Come on kitties, let's go get some treats." Then when King Obsidian, Princess Ashlyn and I headed for the computer room he staid behind and petted Queen Munchkin. I went back and asked him if he was coming and he said he'd be right there. Then he gave the 3 of us that were waiting our treats and brought treats back to the bedroom for Queen Munchkin and Princess Boots. Queen Munchkin seems to have added another lesson to her list of thing to train Bob to do.

July 05, 2008

Our 4th

Yesterday Bob gave us our treats early, and then he and Monika left and stayed gone for a long time. When they came home it was dark and Bob dropped a blanket on the floor near the garage door before heading to the bathroom. We all smelled the blanket and rubbed all over it. It smelled heavily of outside and we could also smell Bob and Monika on it. Monika said that we acting like it was catnip.

While they were gone there were some weird sounding thunders outside, but it was far away so we didn't get too scaird. We were happy when they came home though, because we don't want the thunder monsters to get our pets.

July 04, 2008

Paparazzo Pet

King Obsidian here;

Queen Munchkin and I were trying to enjoy some personal time when Monika came up with her camera to get our picture. Couldn't she see that we were trying to have a private moment?

July 03, 2008

Kingly Fun

King Obsidian here;

Yesterday after Monika got home from work I led her on a merry game of chase all over the house while she was trying to catch me to give me attentions. We had a blast.


July 02, 2008

A Queen's Pet Training Tip

Queen Munchkin here;

I just read Prince Frostin's post about using his pouty face to train our pet's and he is right, it works very well, but I find I can train Bob better just by looking up at him with a real sweet look on my face and reaching up one paw to gently touch his lap so he knows I am there. He automatically backs the chair away from the computer a litle and picks me up for cuddles and snuggles. Then he goes back to the computer with me in his lap and continues giving me pets between typing.


July 01, 2008

Pet Training 101

I have found the best pet training trick in the world. All I have to do is look a little pouty and Bob and Monika fall all over themselves to play with me and give me attentions. Then I grin from ear to ear because I know I am training them well.