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October 03, 2009

Sneaky Prince

This morning when Bob gave us our treats, Princess Boots decided it was too early and she didn't want hers yet, so Bob put them on upper level of the desk to give to her later. Then while he was DJing I jumped onto the chair next to him for attentions and he gave me pets and thanked me for helping him DJ. Then I climbed onto the desk and laid down behind the keyboard and he gave me more pets and told me what a good boy I was. Then I went around next to the keyboard and laid back down and he continued petting me as he played the music. Then I sat up and tried to steal Princess Boots's treats and he stopped me and told me; "No stealing!" So I jumped down and went back around to the chair. Then when Monika woke up he told her what I had done! Luckily she thought it was cute and just told me what a good and smart boy I was.


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