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December 31, 2008

They're Home!!!

Bob and Monika came back home yesterday afternoon. They have been taking turns giving us bunches of attentions.


I think Bob might have forgot his hat and went for a long walk. His head is almost as red as Monika's hair.


December 23, 2008

Sick Pet

Someone at Monika's work was sick last week and Bob caught their cold from her this weekend. I hope it doesn't ruin their vacation too bad.

December 22, 2008

Vacationing Pets

Bob and Monika are going to take a long trip again this week. They are leaving Tuesday night and they wont be back until next week Tuesday. Bob's friend Rob will be coming over to check on us and clean our litters and such until they return. I don't think he likes blogs though, so we'll have to catch up on everything when Bob and Monika get back.

December 21, 2008

Absent Minded Pet

Monika had Bob's breakfast ready for him when he got out of bed this morning, so he gave us our treats after he finished eating. The he started reading the blogs, so I went to the litter next to his computer and dug arouind a little to show him that there was nowhere to go in there. He said he was sorry that he forgot and then went and got the litter can and the bucket of litter and started doing the round of the litter boxes getting them all clean for us. For any of you that may be wondering the litter can is one of those big cans that comes with 3 kinds of popcorn in it. Bob puts bags in the bottom of it, then there is a small dustpan and broom a little litter scoop and a big litter scoop. The can he uses has a picture of a little black kitten sitting in a field of candy corn on each side of it.

December 20, 2008

Upset Pet

Monika is a little upset with our mailman. She made a small present for him and Bob keeps putting it in the mailbox for him, but he wont take it. Bob said that his job may not allow him to take it, but she says that she has given gifts to mail carriers before. Nothing big or expensive mind you. She likes making little ornaments and such for peoples.

December 19, 2008

He Fixed It

Much Better.


Fixed Blog

Bob got my blog fixed, sort of anyways. He said he has to find the gif of my paw print seal. Else he has to make a new one.

December 18, 2008

Our Tree Topper

This is the top of our Christmas tree. I finally remembered to ask Bob to get it off the camera so we could post it for you all to see.

p.s. Bob moved my images for the blog to a new address, but he forgot to change them on blogger so I'll get him to fix it asap.

December 17, 2008

Tree Guard

Princess Boots has decided that she is the guardian of the Christmas tree. Just about every time I go near it, she is laying under it. She even sleeps under it. How am I supposed to get one of those pretty, shiny balls down to play with when she is there?

December 16, 2008

Happy Princess

Princess Ashlyn here;

Prince Frostin decided it was time to visit his high spot this morning so he asked me to post for him. I got Monika to bring me to Bob and I am sitting in his lap enjoying pets and cuddles. I may have to post for Frostin more often.


December 15, 2008

They're Back

Bob and Monika left for the weekend and came back home smelling of our cousin cats at Monika's parents house. They have two new kittens there that like climbing on people and Bob said they like to give acupuncture while they are at it. Hopefully next time they go there they will remember the camera so I can post pictures of them for you all to see.

December 12, 2008

Happy Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

Bob finally finished his cinnamon cereal yesterday, so I got to have milk this morning.


December 11, 2008

Impatient Queen

Queen Munchkin here;

I am learning that Bob and Monika really do not like it when I meow impatiently for someone to give me some of their food. Bob was having clam chowder and I sat next to his chair and started fussung at him as soon as he sat down. Monika hollered at me and said no begging was allowed. Then she grabbed me and squirted my face twice with water before she let go.

I came back in a couple of minutes later and was just laying patiently by Bob's chair and they both told me I was being a good girl, but then I got antsy and started meowing again, so Bob got the water bottle and squirted me this time and I ran out again.

When he finished his soup and put the bowl on the floor I was sitting quietly outside the computer room door and he told me to come on in so I did and I get to eat my clam chowder.

December 10, 2008

Busy Pet

Monika has been making bunches of cookies. This weekend she made chocolate chips, yesterday she made ones with chocolate and peanut butter chips, and she said tonight she is going to make white chocolate chips.

Now if I can just get her to make some kitty treats.


December 09, 2008

Bad Cereal

Queen Munchkin here;

I don't think I like the cereal that Bob has been eating lately. It has cinnamon in it and he always drinks all the milk when he is done and tell me that I can't have any because of the cinnamon.


December 08, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

This is our tree this year. The Angel wouldn't fit right on the top, so Monika asked Bob to put a cat ornament up close to the top and then she put a Santa hat up there.

December 07, 2008

We Got a Christmas Tree!!!!

Yesterday afternoon Bob went into the spare room and he pulled out a box and brought it into the living room. Then he and Monika opened it up and they started pulling out branches and put them together into a tree. They said they are going to decorate it today. I'll get Bob to post a picture for you when they are done.

December 06, 2008

Sneaky Queen

This morning when Bob gave us our treats Queen Munchkin went over to the bag and tried to knock it over so she could sneak some more treats. Bob caught her and took the bag, then he told her that she is only allowed to do that with the Catty Shack treats.

December 05, 2008

Lap Thief

Princess Ashlyn here;

Every morning lately, after I here Bob wake up, I go into the computer room and sit on the computer chair to wait for Bob so I can get my treats and some attentions. He always gives me pets before and after I get my treats and then goes to get his lunch ready for work, or just to get his breakfast. When he comes back to the computer room to read blogs and such I am always waiting for more attentions, but by then Queen Munchkin has gotten on his chair, so she gets his lap.


December 04, 2008

Patient Princess

My Mommy Princess Ashlyn was trying to train Bob, but I think she accidentally trained herself instead. She was trying to use telepathy to call him to give her treats in the morning, but now he still comes in at the same time, but she is sitting on the folding chair in the computer room patiently waiting when he comes in.

December 03, 2008

Sometimes Lazy is Good

I was in a lazy mood yesterday. I mostly just laid around, which led to Bob and Monika stopping to give me attentions a lot.


December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving in a Bowl

Bob got a bowl last night and then he went into the refrigerator and got all of the leftovers from Thanksgiving and put a little of everything into the bowl and put it into the nuke. When it went off the kitchen was filled with all kinds of yummy smells. He stirred it around a little and then started eatting. Monika called it one of his infamous bowls. He said he got the idea from KFC, but they never put enough popcorn chicken in theres.

December 01, 2008

I Need a Occupied Sign

Bob and Monika left Thursday for Thanksgiving and didn't come home until Sunday afternoon. As if that wasn't bad enough after Bob gave us our treats, I had to go use the litter box, so I went to the covered one in the livingroom and while I was still in there Bob lifted the cover off to clean it. I never pooped so fast in my life. He scaired it right out of me. I took off running and left him to deal with the stink. After he was done he came and found me, and appologized for breaking in on me. Then he brought me back to the covered litter and told me it was all clean, but I just walked away because he had already scaired it all out of me.