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February 28, 2006

Anti-Social Queen

Queen Munchkin didn't want to come into the computer room for her treats this morning, she laid right out side the door, so Bob gave them to her there.

February 27, 2006

New Game for My Human

Monika got a new computer game. It's called FABLE and her character get to run around and fight bad peoples and help good peoples. She has been having a lot of fun with it and King Obsidian and I have been enjoying watching her.

February 26, 2006

Late Night Attentions

Bob was up late playing his game and I wanted tome attentions so I put my paws on his lap like Queen Munchkin does and he picked me up and gave me whole bunches of pets and cuddles.


February 25, 2006


Queen Munchkin is a little upset this morning. Bob was on his side in the bed so she curled up behind his back to sleep, but he rolled onto his back and her so she got squished a little before he realized she was there. She's in his lap now and he is giving her lots of loving. I think maybe she has forgiven him.

February 24, 2006

Alarm Kitty

I wanted attentions last night so I got in bed with our humans and woke Bob up. After he gave me some pets and cuddles I decided it was Monika's turn. While she was cuddling me she said that I had to let them sleep at night so they could go to work. She shouldn't give me ideas, I don't want them to go to work at all. I would much rather they were always home with us.

February 23, 2006

Water Police

We ran out of water real early this morning so King Obsidian tried to wake up Bob and tell him to refill it. Bob just hugged and petted
him, then made a spot for King Obsidian to lay down with them and went back to sleep. A while later King Obsidian tried again, but still had no luck. After Bob woke up he gave us our treats and then went out and finally realized that we had no water so he filled the bottle and put it back on our dish for us. Usually he fills the dish too, so we have water right away, this time the bottle kept making noises and we could see the water slowly rising in the dish. At first I wasn't sure what it was so I carefully touched it then licked my paw. Once I was sure it was water though I started drinking because I was very thirsty.

February 22, 2006

Needful Kitty

I waked Bob and Monika up at 1:15 this morning because I wanted attention. They both gave me hugs and pet me for about 10 minutes and then I let them go back to sleep.

February 21, 2006

Still lonely

Yesterday when Bob got home I was still lonely and he tried to give me attentions, but I wanted Monika. So he cuddled me a little and then let me lay back down in her chair and when she got home I ran to her and she gave me whole bunches of loving.


February 20, 2006

Lonely Boy

I got lonely real early this morning so I jumped up on the bed and woke up Bob and Monika so they could pet me. Bob kept trying to
get me to lay down and go to sleep next to him, but I didn't want to sleep, I wanted to be pet. Then Monika got up and she picked me up and cuddles me for a bit before she put me down, told me it was way too early, and went back to sleep.

February 19, 2006

Queens Adventure

Queen Munchkin got Bob to take her into his lap so she could get attentions and he gave her lots of pets and cuddles. Then he said it was time for him and Monika to move their laundry to the dryer, but when he went to put her down, Queen Munchkin told him she wasn't done getting attention, so Monika put the leash on her and they took her to the laundry room with them. Queen Munchkin doesn't usually go out side, so she was a little nervous, but Bob held her close and kept giving her lots of cuddles so she wouldn't be afraid. When they got back she hid under the bed and
told us all that there is a noisy monster in the laundry room that she didn't like, but she saw some interesting looking furniture in the room that was next to it. Bob said it was called a exercise room. Queen Munchkin said with all the stuff to climb on that was in there he was probably right.

February 18, 2006

Schedule Change

Monika and Bob got up earlier than they normally do on the weekend and they set up Bob's stuff for work. Must be getting busy there again. That means we will have to keep Monika extra busy giving us attentions to make up for him being gone.

February 17, 2006


When Bob got up this morning, King Obsidian went to the computer room door and sat to patiently wait for him to be ready to give us our treats. Then Queen Munchkin went into the computer room and decided it was time to be mischievous. She got behind the door, reached under it and goosed him. You should have seen it, he jumped about 2 foot off the floor.

*laughing out loud*

February 16, 2006

Late Pets

Bob got home from work yesterday, but he gave us our treats and followed them with extra attentions. The Monika came home even later and she was mad because she had a bad reaction to her allergy shot and couldn't be around us kitties for a while. After her system calmed down some she found us all and gave us hugs and cuddles. I was glad because I missed my cuddles from my favorite pet.

February 15, 2006

Queen of Thieves

One of us kitties got hollered at last night and for once it wasn't me. Queen Munchkin decided she didn't want to wait for Bob and Monika to give her some of the turkey they made, so she climbed on the counter and tried to steal some. Bob held her for a time out with no pets or cuddles or anything, then spanked her butt and told her to go lay down. After they were done eating they cut some up for us and told her it was OK that she could have some too though.


February 14, 2006

Up Late

Bob staid up later than he is supposed to last night so I made him pay by giving me lots of extra pets before he could go to sleep. Aren't I a stinker?


February 13, 2006

Late Visitor

Last night there was a kitty out side and I wanted to play, but Monika told me I can't go out when it is dark out. I hope the kitty comes back while it is still light out tonight.

February 12, 2006

Sunny Sunday

The sun is shining in our patio window perfectly this morning. All us kitties are enjoying sunning ourselves and having a lazy day.

February 11, 2006


King Obsidian is in a extra lovable mood today. He has been following Bob and Monika around all over and soaking up all the attention he can get. It looks like fun, I might have to join in with him.

February 10, 2006

Getting Better

Bob's still coughing a little, but it isn't the loud scary coughs like before. After he gave us our treats yesterday evening he was even energetic and played with us all.


February 09, 2006

Shoe Thieves

King Obsidian taught me a new game. It's called steal Monika's shoes. We don't really take them any where. We just lay on them and wrap our paws around the end so she can't get them.

February 08, 2006

Chair Ride

This morning I jumped onto Bobs' computer chair and it spun around because it wasn't close to the desk. At first I was scared because it moved on me, but once I realized I wouldn't fall off it was fun.


February 07, 2006

Playing Chase

Bob and Monika both played chase with me last night. It was a blast. I don't know which of us was more tired when we were done.

February 06, 2006

Cough Free Morning

Bob didn't wake up coughing this morning. Hopefully that means his cold is almost all gone. I told him to keep taking his medicine just in case.

February 05, 2006

Sun Bath

The weather has been yucky a lot lately, but the sun is out this morning so I laid out to try to tan my belly a little.

February 04, 2006


Monika went to the pet store and brought us something new. 
It's called kitty bubbles and they float around and smell like kitty crack. 
Monika said they are harder than normal bubbles because she can pick them up off
the carpet and they don't break.  I think they are fun to play with, but I
wont try eating one again.  They taste real yucky.

February 03, 2006


Bob forgot to turn on the computer for me, before he started getting ready for work, so I couldn't do my update. That's OK though because he is letting me do it now.

When he came home from work he pulled this strange looking black thing out of his poncho and opened it up. Then he put it in the tub. Us kitties had never seen anything like it, so we all came to check it out. Queen Munchkin even got in the tub with it and sniffed it all over, but I just stood at the edge of the tub and sniffed it.

Bob said it was called an umbrella and that we could sniff it, but that we had to keep our claws in.

February 02, 2006

My Adventure

Monika came home from work early and she took me for a walk. We didn't just go for a little walk like we usually do, she picked me up and brought me to a small field by the parking lot. I lead her around all over and while I was exploring Bob came home and said; "Hello."; to us, before going home to drop off his stuff. While he was gone Monika picked me up and brought me back towards the house and put me back down, but I wanted to go back to the field. Then Bob came out and said; "Come on home Frostin, it's time for treats."; and I couldn't decide which I wanted more. Finally I let him pick me up and we all went home. That was a fun adventure. I hope we have more like it.