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August 24, 2014

New Treats!

Bob and Monika went to help at the Cat adoption event yesterday and someone had donated a bunch of treats, so they took some home for us to try. They are called Natural Balance L. I. T. (which stands for Limited Ingredient Treats)  They brought home two pack of salmon and potato and a pack of rabbit and potato, and Bob decided to let us try the salmon one first. We all loved it, this one is a definite 8 paws up!


August 21, 2014

Kitten Sitting

Princess Cosette here,

Bob's sister is fostering a little girl kitty named Shelby. She just got fixed today and Bob's sister had to work, so she couldn't pick her up at the v-e-t. She called Bob and Monika and they agreed to pick her up. She is now in the bathroom that I used to live in with my kittens. Monika brought me in to meet her, and I tried to say; "Hello." but she was afraid of me and got all hissy.


Here's a picture of Shelby on the bed at Bob's sisters house.

August 16, 2014

New Cat Food!

Chewy sent Bob something new for us to try. It has tuna, turkey and gravy in it and it comes in a pouch. My Mommy Princess Ashlyn and I don't usually eat wet food, but Monika gave a little to each of us and then gave the rest to Queen Munchkin and Princess Cosette. Queen Munchkin and Princess Cosette breathed theirs down. I ate all the gravy form mine and some of the food too, but Princess Ashlyn would not touch hers, so Bob gave me hers also, then when I finished what I wanted, he put both bowls down for Queen Munchkin and Princess Cosette. That gives it a grand score of 6 out of 8 paws up!

August 15, 2014

New Princess News

Princess Cosette here,

I am finally getting used to the other kitties and that man person. For the past two days I have been coming into the computer room when they are in there. I still only sniff Bob's fingers and let him pet me a little bit, and I even let him give me my treats this morning, but I am definitely Mommy's girl. I let Monika pick me up for cuddles and when she is watching TV, I jump onto the chair with her for cuddles all on my own.

August 10, 2014

Boots's Grave

Monika bought a marker for Boots's grave and she and Bob brought it to Aunt Joan's house to put it over her grave.

August 09, 2014

Fur The Love of Animals Needs Our Help!

Bob's friend that runs the shelter Fur The Love of Animals has started a blog for the shelter. They currently have two sick kittens that they are trying to nurse back to health, but they are in dire need of financial assistance. Please visit their blog and offer any assistance you can.