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June 30, 2012

Play Time

This morning after we finished our treats, Bob played chase with me.  We ran all around the house, and when I finally got tired of playing chase, I jumped onto the bed and he gave me bunches of cuddles.


June 29, 2012

Belly Rubs

Bob saw me napping on the bottom bunk in the spare room and he came in and gave me belly rubs and cuddles.


June 28, 2012

Play Break

Yesterday, when Bob went on his last break from work, he played chase with me and we ran all around the living room before I let him catch me and give me pets and cuddles.

June 27, 2012

Thank You Princess Boots!

Queen Munchkin here;

Bob and Monika got the special A?D stinky goodness for Princess Boots and at first she was eating lots of it, but now she has decided that she likes her crunchies better and is not touching the A?D, so Bob emptied the open can into her bowl and gave it to me.


June 26, 2012

Scheduled Feeding

Bob and Monika have started putting our food up at certain times of day to cut our access to it, because they say we are all getting too fat except for Princess Boots who is sick.  The food is put up when Bob starts work, then taken down when Monika gets home, and put back up when they go to sleep and down again when they wake up.  I am starting to get used to that schedule now, so it don't bother me, but Queen Munchkin has been fussing with Bob because she wants food all the time.  Bob and Monika say she is on a see food diet.


ps:  Don't worry about Princess Boots.  Bob keeps her in the computer room with him while he is working and if she gets hungry, he gives her her A/D food.

June 24, 2012

Guarding Bob's Pants

Bob slept in late this morning, so I laid on his pants and wrapped my paws around them to make sure that no one would mess with them.

June 23, 2012

Monika's Back

Monika came home and I hid under the bed for a while, but then I came out and got my cuddles.  I'm glad she is home again, but now I have to get used to two people being in the bed again.  Last night I nudged Bob to move over, but he couldn't because there was no room.

June 22, 2012

Monika Is Coming Home Today!!

Monika just called and told Bob she is on her way home from her Parents!  I can hardly wait!


June 21, 2012

Not Sure If I Should Smile Or Pout

Monika called yesterday and told Bob she is on her way home!!!  Then she called again last night and said she is staying over night just outside Georgia, and she will finish coming home today.  Only she is going to have to go to her parents house to drop off their cats to, so she will not stay here long today.

June 20, 2012

Sleepy Pet

Bob did not want to get up this morning. I had to walk up the bed and give him head butts to get him to wake up.


June 19, 2012

Work At Home Pet

Bob said his first day was hectic, but he survived. I still am not too happy about him working from home, because when he is working the computer room door is closed, and the only kitty allowed in there with him is Princess Boots, because she is sick and he has to make sure she eats her A?D without one of us kitties trying to steal it.

June 18, 2012

Nervous Pet

Today is Bob's first real work day. No more training, just taking calls.  He says he is a little nervous, but he doesn't seem any different to me.

June 17, 2012

Princess Nurse

Princess Ashlyn here;

I know that Princess Boots hasn't been feeling great lately, so this morning I walked up to her and check that she was OK.  Bob saw me and told me that I was a good girl for keeping an eye on her.

June 16, 2012

Bob's Work

Bob finished training for his new job yesterday and he is supposed to start taking calls on Monday.  Only one problem; he has no schedule.  They told him it should become available online this weekend, but in case it doesn't just to login and work from 9 to 6 and send them a email to let them know.

June 15, 2012


Bob got a call from Monika she is going to be coming home late because her Mom broke her ankle.  We are all praying that Grandma's ankle heals fast.

June 14, 2012

I Got My Spot!

I jumped up onto Bob's desk this morning and Princess Boots was not there, so I curled up and took a nap.


June 13, 2012

I Miss My Spot

I jumped up onto Bob's desk and Princess Boots was up there so I laid next to her, but I had my tail dancing on Bob's mouse and keyboard so he told me I had to get down because I was too wiggly.


June 12, 2012

More on Princess Boots

Princess Boots is slowly getting back to her normal self.  She even ate some dry food yesterday.  Only problem is she stole my favorite spot in the computer room.  On Bob's desk under the little closet.

June 11, 2012

Getting Back To Normal

Princess Boots ate treats this morning!!  This is the first time she has wanted them since Bob switched her to the med that goes in her ear.

June 09, 2012

Vet is OK With Med Change

Bob went to get more A/D food for Princess Boots and told the clerk what he did with the medicine and she said as long as she was eating that was all they were worried about.

June 08, 2012

She's Eating!!!

Bob got a email from someone suggesting that he cut back on Princess Boots's thyroid med and the decided to try it.  It worked!  Princess Boots ate a whole can of her A/D food yesterday and she is working on another one today.  Bob is going to call the Vet tomorrow and tell him what happened and see if the vet has any other suggestions.

June 06, 2012

Sneaky Pet

Princess Boots decided to hide under the bed where Bob could not reach her.  He tried pushing her out with a stick and she just went to the other end of the bed, so he went and got the rug sucking monster and brought it in.  As soon as he turned it on, she was out from under the bed and in the living room.


June 05, 2012

Sick Princess

Thanks for all the purrs and purrayers, but I think we still need a bunch more.

Yesterday Bob went to the Vet and he got some special stinky goodness called A/D for her.  She started eating it as soon as he gave it to her, but then this morning she went back to not eating.  Bob had to force feed her some food this afternoon and it didn't look like either one of them was enjoying it very much.

June 04, 2012

Worried Prince

I'm worried about princess Boots.  Bob is giving her medicine and having to force feed her.  That is the same thing that happened to King Obsidian before he went to the bridge.  I don't want Princess Boots to go away.  Please send her bunches of prayers and purrs to help her get better.


June 03, 2012

Sad Weekend

Monika's Mom came yesterday and they left for Arkansas, so it is just Bob and us kitties at the house for a couple of weeks.  On top of that Princess Boots is sick.  Bob said she has a hyper thyroid (whatever that is).  They we're giving her little pink pills for it, but they made her throw up a lot.  Now Bob got some stuff that he rubs on her ear.  She isn't throwing up all the time any more, but she is not eating that we know of either.  Bob is going to get some chicken baby food and see if he can get her to eat that.

June 02, 2012

Nice Morning

Bob slept in late this morning and I slept at his feet then, when he woke up, he came down to the bottom of the bed and gave me bunches of cuddles.


June 01, 2012

Princess Spot Thief

This morning, when I jumped up, Princess Boots was already laying on Bob's desk.  He picked me up real fast and moved me to Monika's desk and then they both gave me cuddles.  Later Princess Boots got down, so I switched back to Bob's desk and got more cuddles.