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October 28, 2009

Lap Sack Revisited

Bob picked me and my sack up and put me in his lap again last night and while I was there, Monika pulled out the camera and took some pictures. Bob tried uploading 3, but for some reason only 2 came out. I'm sorry the pics are a bit grainy, the flash was turned off, which to me is a good thing. I don't like it when it goes off in my eyes.

As you can see Bob is a postit-aholic they are all over his desk.

To the left you can see the end of Monika's white computer tower. This is the one that we like to lay on to look out the window when we get Bob to put the blinds up. Else we lay on the corner of Monika's desk and look out.

1 comment:

The Meezers said...

you look furry comfy there!