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January 31, 2007

Lancelot Kitty Strikes Again

King Obsidian chased Quen Munchkin into the bathroom last night and she hid in the tub. Bob told King Obsidian to be good and when he decided to continue going after Queen Munchkin again instead of being good. I went after him and chased him out of the bathroom. Bob told me I was a good boy for coming to Queen Munchkins rescue.


January 30, 2007

Fickle Princess

Princess Boots is funny. When ever Bob or Monika picks her up to give her hugs and cuddles she starts snarling and purring at the same time. I think she just likes to complain.


January 29, 2007

Foiled Again

Queen Munchkin hid outside of the computer room at treat time this morning. Bob found her in her normal hiding place under the dining room table and gave her her temptations, but when I tried sneaking in to steal them he stopped me again. He's just too attentive.


January 28, 2007

Hurt Pet

Monika was cleaning the apartment while Bob was at work and the rug sucking monster needed her, yes her, hair cleaned from around the roller, so she took it apart and while she was working on getting her hair off the roller another part of the monster jumped out and bit her toe. Now she has an owie on her little toe and she has to goop and a bandaid on it.


January 27, 2007

Silly Pet

Bob is silly. He loaded my profile picture into his photo editing program and made me into a orange tabby instead of gray. How do I look?

January 26, 2007


I was in one of the cat cubes and Princess Boots didn't see me, so when she walked by I reached out and swatted her butt. She jumped about a foot off the ground.


January 25, 2007

Pet And Play

Last night when Bob was getting ready to go to bed, I started dancing around his feet and then when he looked down I rolled over and asked him to pet my belly. He gave me belly pets and then started petting me all over, then when I decided I was done he played chase with me. That was lots of fun. We both slept real good after that.

January 24, 2007

Veggie Treat

Queen Munchkin here;

Monika made some chicken over the weekend and ruined it by putting lemon pepper on it. Bob liked it and she ate a little, but when she gave some to us kitties the only one that even tried a piece was King Obsidian and he only ate one small piece. Then I went to Bob asking for something off his plate so he gave me a few pieces of corn and I loved it. This surprised Monika for some reason. Hasn't she ever read the cat food bag she feeds us from? Of course we kitties like corn, We like rice too.

January 23, 2007

Little Visitors

Some children came to our patio last night and they were talking to Monika about us kitties. She even brought out Princess Ashlyn and let them pet her. Then she told them that I was Princess Ashlyn's kitten and they couldn't believe it because I am so much bigger than her now.

January 22, 2007

Hyper King

Last night King Obsidian climbed onto the bed next to Bob and decided that, instead of napping between Bobs' legs like normal, he wanted to play. Bob and Monika both gave him bunches of pets and then told him to lay down, but he wasn't done yet. I heard them all and I knew Bob and Monika had to sleep, so I got King Obsidian to chase me and we played in the living room.

January 21, 2007

Scary Game

Queen Munchkin here.

Last night I was sitting in Bobs lap while he was at the computer and enjoying being lightly pet as I napped. Then in Monika's computer game that she was playing some big rats attacked her character and the loud squealing noises they made scared me, so I jumped off Bobs lap and ran away. I don't like hearing scary stuff like that.

January 20, 2007

Finicky Princess

Princess Boots decided she wanted to lay in Bobs lap this morning and wouldn't let him get up to do his blog and leave the computer on so I could do mine, so Monika picked her up off his lap and and sat her down in her own lap. Princess Boots didn't like this at all and told Monika in no uncertain terms. Monika just told her to stop being silly and after a while Princess Boots finally relaxed for a few minutes and let Monika pet her. She was just mad because she had been enjoying Bobs' lap.

January 19, 2007

Brazen Princess

My Mommy, Princess Ashlyn, is getting brave. This morning after she finished her treats, she saw that King Obsidian was still eating his so she walked up to try to steal some. Bob saw her though and told her no stealing.

January 18, 2007

No Cooties Please

Monika picked me up and gave me cuddles and then brought me into the computer room so Bob could rub my belly. I enjoyed the belly rub, but then he kissed my paw and tried to kiss the top of my head. I let him kiss my paw, but when he tried kissing my head I pulled away. I didn't want any Bob cooties.

January 17, 2007

Neighbor Cats

Monika found out that our neighbors are the pets of 5 kitties also and that their pets are also putting out food for the outside kitties. I'll have to get Bob to show them my blog and some of my friends blogs. Maybe one or more of their cats will even decide to begin their own blog.

January 16, 2007

Cuddle Princess

Princess Ashlyn walked up to Bob while he was at the computer this morning and asked for some attentions, so he picked her up and gave her lots of pets and cuddles.

January 15, 2007

Pampered Kitty

I wanted lots of attention last night, so Bob picked me up and brought me to the bedroom, then he put me on the bed between him and Monika and they both gave me lots of pets and cuddles. I staid between them and under the covers until I was all cuddled out. When I had enough I come out from under the covers and jumped off the bed to go find some quiet mischief to get into.

January 14, 2007

Fuss Play

Monika captured me and made me lay and watch TV with her this morning. I fussed a little and made believe I wanted down, but really I enjoyed it. Just don't let her know.


January 13, 2007

Late night Cuddles

Last night after Bob turned off his computer I walked up to him for attentions and he picked me up and gave me hugs and pets. Then he turned me onto my back in his lap and gave me lots of belly rubs and pet my toes and my chin. I just layed there and enjoyed it for a while, then I grabbed his hand and gently bit it to let him know I was done. He said OK and lowered me gently to the floor.

January 12, 2007

Pampered Queen

This morning Queen Munchkin didn't come into the computer room for her treats and when Bob brought them to her after we had ours I tried to steal them. As always Bob stopped me though. He's just too darn fast.

January 11, 2007

Hurt Kitty

One of Calico's kittens has a hurt paw. Her name is Blaze and Monika and Bob have been trying to get her so they can take her to the vet, but she is timid and she wont let them anywhere near her.

January 10, 2007

New Outside Kitten

Calipso, one of the outside cats, brought her kitten to the patio last night. The kitten is a calico that looks like a tortie-tux. It has white feet and belly, but the rest of her(?) looks like a tortie. Monika has named the kitten Speckles.

January 09, 2007

Late Snacker

Queen Munchkin came in late for treats this morning and King Obsidian and I both thought we might steal hers, but Bob told us both; "No!" and made sure we were good boys.

January 08, 2007


Bob's sister Joan was here for a while yesterday and Princess Boots walked right up to her and asked for attentions. She has liked Joan since the first time she saw her, but I am still a little shy around her. At least I let her see me now though, I used to hide under the big bed when ever she was here. I still do with most other visitors.

January 07, 2007

Spot Sunday

Princess Boots may have decided that she doesn't like posting to her blog any more, but that wont stop me from showing her here occasionally. Spot Sunday is perfect for her because she has both stripes and spots on her sides. Bob and Monika say she has Bengal in her.

January 06, 2007

Late Sleeping Pet

King Obsidian decided that Bob was sleeping in too late this morning so he jumped onto the bed and started head butting him to tell him to get up and give us our treats. While he was doing that Princess Ashlyn climbed onto Bobs chest and walked up and put her face in his. I was heading in to add my 2 cents also, but when I came in the bedroom door he was already sitting up, so I just sat by his pants and waited for him to finish waking up.

January 05, 2007

Smart (Sneaky) Pet

Last night I was sitting next to Bob's chair and he was petting me and I was all happy and purring. Then he scooped his hand under my belly to pick me up, but I didn't want that so I stood up on my back legs raised my front paws and stepped backwards out of his grasp and laid back down. He said I was a very smart kitty for being able to do that, but then he reached down real fast with both hands and picked me up anyways. As he was petting and cuddling me he said; "Guess what? I'm smart too." I think he is now in the line of sneaky.

January 04, 2007

No More Lockups

I found out wht Monika has been locking us in the bedrooms for the last couple of days. Some people came and painted the outside of our building and they had to come inside to get to the patio and paint it to match. I'm glad they have finally done it, that means we don't have to be locked up any more.


January 03, 2007

Hide-N-Go Seek

This morning when Bob gave us our treats I wasn't in my normal position under the bunk bed so when he looked for me I stuck out my paw to let him know I was still under there, just closer to the other end.

January 02, 2007

Attention Seeking King

Yesterday King Obsidian jumped onto Bobs lap, while he was watching television, to get some attentions. Bob was surprized because King Obsidian is usually not a lap kitty. By all the purring I heard and the petting and cuddling I saw though I know they both enjoyed it.


January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and joyous New Year.