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October 15, 2017

New Food Part 6

Munchkin here,

Last night Bob let us try the final flavor of Tiki Cat after Dark that Chewy sent us to sample for free. It was Chicken and Lamb and Obsidian and I both liked it, but Jaime snuck in and ate some of both of ours, so that gives it 12 of 12 paws up.

October 14, 2017

New Food Part 5

Munchkin here,

Today Bob gave us the Chicken and Liver flavor.  Obsidian and I both only ate about half of ours, but then the foster kitten Jaime came up to mine and started chowing down. I usually chase the fosters away when they try to steal my food, but in this case I just let him have it and when he finished mine he went straight to Obsidian's and ate it too.

I guess that give it a 8 out of 12 paws rating.

October 13, 2017

New Food Part 4

Munchkin here,

Last night Bob gave us the Chicken and Quail Egg to try and it actually had a half hard boiled quail egg white in it. At first I didn't know what to make of the egg white, so I ate around it. But then I decided to try it and I found out that I liked it too. Once again Obsidian only ate about half of his, but I was happy to finish it for him.  That gives it 6 out of 8 paws up.

October 12, 2017

A Book For The Humans

Bob here,

Last month among the things we could choose to review was a book of cat stories called; I Can't Believe My Cat Did That. Monika and I both being an avid readers, I had to order it. I just finished reading it and I loved just about every story.

I don't have paws to raise, so I will humanize the rating and give it 5 stars.

October 10, 2017

New Food Part 3

Munchkin here,

Last night Bob let us try the chicken and duck flavor. I ate all of mine over 2 eating sessions and Obsidian ate about half of his, so this one gets 6 out of 8 paws up.

October 09, 2017

New Food part 2

Munchkin here,

Last night Bob let Obsidian and me try the chicken and beef flavor.  I liked this on better and ate most of it in one setting and Obsidian liked it more also, though he only ate about 1/4 of his.

That gives it 5 out of 8 paws up.

October 06, 2017

New Food Part 1

Munchkin here,

Chewy sent us a free sample case of Tiki Cat after Dark to try. Today we had the Chicken and Pork flavor. Obsidian ignored his, but I drank the juice out of mine and then ate some of the meat. I guess that only gives it a 2 out of 8 paws rating.

It's me again,

Bob wrote this too early. I went back when I was more awake and finished my bowl and half of Obsidian's.  Make that 4 out of 8 paws.


September 19, 2017

Nap Like a Pirate Cat

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, but we all think that Millie has the right idea, so we are all going to nap like a pirate kitty instead.

September 17, 2017

Nurse Cosette

Cosette here,

I really love it when there are kitties here for me to take care of, but I have discovered that I really like being Nurse Maid to Munchkin too.  I give her baths and we cuddle together alot to share our purrs.  I also play Nurse Maid for Ashlyn occasionally, but she is usually to bust hiding where Obsidian can't get her.

September 12, 2017

After Irma

Munchkin here,

Irma dropped a lot of branches every where, but there was no major damage in our neighborhood. Our power went out at about 2:15 am Monday and came back on at about 2:30 pm. Obsidian was a little scared because he never experienced a bad hurricane before, but Pewter seemed mostly oblivious. She was running around the apartment playing and making Bob and Monika laugh.