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December 03, 2016

Guarding Bob

Jackie here,

Munchkin and I have been sharing the job of guarding Bob while he sleeps to make sure no monsters get him. Monika came in and saw us, so she took a couple of pictures.

Now if we can just figure out how to get him to stop snoring.


November 09, 2016

Arthur and Guinevere's New Family

Here are Arthur and Guinevere with their new human's. We have since heard that they are doing well at their new home.

November 07, 2016

No Kittens To Play With

Bob here;

Arthur, Gwinevere and Merlin all got adopted this weekend. Poor Obsidian and Cosette miss there playmates. Jackie misses them too, but now she is venturing out of the bedroom more and hopefully she will start making friends with our cats now that she is not worried about protecting her babies.

November 01, 2016

New Litter Revisited

Bob was in the middle of switching all our litter boxes to a new litter and the box in the computer room was the last one with our old litter in it. We all liked the new stuff so much, we all but stopped using the last box with the old stuff. Then Chewy sent us some new litter to try and Bob emptied the old litter out, cleaned the box and refilled it with the frisco litter from Chewy to see what we would think of it. The next day when he went to clean the litters we had all used it including the foster kittens. He couldn't believe how much came out of it in the scoop. This litter is great and it gets 32 paws up!


October 30, 2016

New Litter

Bob here,

Chewy sent us a new litter to try. I just finished switching out the old litter in one of our boxes to try it out, so I decided I would give you a preliminary report. It's Frisco scoopable cat litter and so far my biggest complaint is that it comes in a plastic bag instead of a box or a plastic container which would make it easier to store. I solved that issue for myself by emptying the bag into a old TidyCats bucket. So far I like the litter, it is fragrance free and 99% dust free. Also they claim on the bag that it is low tracking. I'll let Sid do a follow up post tomorrow and add any personal observations then.

October 24, 2016

New Treat

Chewy sent us a new treat to try. It's VitalCat Ahi Tuna by VitaEssentials. Munchkin and Cosette didn't like it at all and Ashlyn and I thought it was OK, but not great. We give this one 4 paws up.

October 17, 2016

Sharing My Toys

Yesterday I was playing with a big green spring toy and Merlin decided he wanted to play with it too, so I let him have it and Bob told me I was a good boy for sharing. Later Bob brought it back to me and again told me what a good boy I was.


October 16, 2016

Guinevere's Stash

Yesterday Monika went to put on her shoes which she had left by our front door. She found one, but the other was nowhere to be found. Bob finally found it under the bed in their bed room. Guinevere, who has a habit of stealing toys and hiding them under the bed had added it to her collection. Bob says he wishes he could have watched her, because the shoe is as big as she is and she dragged it about 30 feet.

September 25, 2016

More New Food

Chewy sent us another food to try.  This is nulo freestyle and though it says it is ADULT TRIM the kibble is tiny and looks more like it is supposed to be for kittens.  Bob let us all try some as a treat and Cosette and I decided right away that we did not like it, but Ashlyn loved it and Munchkin thought it was OK too.  That gives it about 7 paws up.

September 20, 2016

New Food

Chewy sent us another new food to try. It's put out by Stella and Chewy's and the one they sent had salmon and chicken. This food is a little different because Bob had to put it in a bowl with some water and leave it for a minute to let it absorb the water before he gave it to us.  Obsidian was the first to try it and he thought it was OK, but he didn't go crazy for it. Then Munchkin tried it and she ate about 3/4 of what was left in the bowl. She probably would have finished it, but she had just finished eating kibble right before Bob put the bowl down. Cosette didn't show any interest at all, but Ashlyn surprised everyone by coming down from her tree and finishing it. That gives it 10 out of 16 paws up.

From Bob: The cats seem to like this for the most part, but it says right on the front of the bag that it contains salmon and chicken bone which generally puts a food on the don't buy list for me.