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November 21, 2015

Thief Kitty

One of Monika's friends at work gave her a sample sized bag of Rachael Ray's NUTRISH for cats and she gave it to Bob to try with us yesterday morning. Only he was still half asleep and after she left for work, he went back to bed and left the bag on the dining room table. Later, when he woke up, he had forgotten about it so I was a good boy for as long as I could hold out, but finally at about 2 pm I gave into temptation and stole the bag. I got it onto the floor and after a little experimentation I managed to open it. Then I chowed down and I decided that NUTRISH is DELISH!


November 20, 2015

Can't Blame Me For Trying!

Bonnie here,

Early Thursday morning, when Bob came home from work, there was a kitty outside the door and I could here her asking Bob for some food. I was a bit hungry myself, so when he opened the door to come in, I walked out. Right away he asked me where I thought I was going, then picked me up and put me back inside. Then after he made sure I was away from the door he put some food out for the other kitty.

November 17, 2015

Dream On Bob

Cosette here,

I was laying on the floor by Bob's chair and he picked me up and  put me in his lap to give me pets. That lasted all of two seconds and I was out of there!


November 14, 2015

Bob Has A Long Day

Bob got an email telling him his shift today was canceled so he staid up late last night. Now this morning they called asking him to come in because someone called in sick. Looks like he is going to have a long caffeinated day.


November 12, 2015

A New Treat

This month Chewy sent Bob some treat for us to try. It is Orijen Regional Red Cat Treat and it has a mixture of dehydrated wild boar, Angus beef and Alberta lamb. Monika gave some to each of us when it came in yesterday and we all loved it except for Cosette. She sniffed it and then turned and walked away from it, so Munchkin and I ate hers for her. Our foster sister Bonnie had some and loved it also, so all in all that makes a big 16 paws up!


November 11, 2015


I'm all embarrassed! Bob was in the closet and I tried to jump onto the door to watch him, but I missed and Monika had to rescue me.


November 08, 2015

Late Night Nap Time

Munchkin here,

Last night I jumped onto the bed to lay between Bob and Monika in the crook of Bob's arm for a nap, but Obsidian was already there and did not want to move. So I went and laid in the crook of his other arm and we held him down quite nicely.


November 07, 2015


Bonnie here,

Yesterday Bob forgot to block the closet door shut so I went in there to explore and take a nap. Then he came in and saw the door open, so he peeked in but he did not see me, so he closed it and blocked it shut. I couldn't get out until Monika got home an hour and a half later!


November 06, 2015

Teasing Bob

Cosette here,

I like messing with Bob. I come up and lay close to his chair when he is on his computer, and then when he reaches down to give me pets or scritches I walk away. Silly man person. He should know I am only Monika's girl.

November 05, 2015

Peaceful Queen

I have been watching my family from the bridge and I got a pleasant surprise this morning. Queen Munchkin has been very jealous of Princess Bonnie because Bonnie want to be Bob's girl too, so she has always been hissy and mean to her. But this morning when I looked down they were both on the bed peacefully sleeping with Bob.