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January 23, 2018

Surprising Bob

Cosette here,

I surprised Bob last night. Usually when he comes to be, if I am on the bed, I let him get one or two pets in and then I move out of his reach, or get off the bed altogether. This time I just lay there and let him pet me for a bit, and then when he laid down I came looking for more pets. Then, when I went toward the foot of the bed to get out of reach and he rolled over to go to sleep, I came back up to the small of his back and rubbed against him to let him know I wanted more pets. I did this three times before I finally let him go to sleep.


January 22, 2018

New Food Part 3

Munchkin here,

The third flavor we tried is Lamb Burger. We loved this too. So much so that Monika is ordering more Cats in the Kitchen for us. 8 paws up.

January 20, 2018

New Food Part 2

Munchkin here,

The second Cats in the Kitchen flavor we tried is Kitty Gone Wild which is their wild salmon recipe. Obsidian and I both loved it.  He barely left me any to finish when he was done.

8 paws up!

January 18, 2018

New Treat

Munchkin here,

Chewy sent Bob a new treat for us to try.  It's Feline Greenies Smart Bites Hairball Control. Bob figured we would not like it because it was a hairball treat and we usually turn our noses up at such, but we all loved it.  Even Cosette and Haley liked them.  That gives them a whopping 20 paws up!


January 17, 2018

Meet Haley

Hi, I'm Haley. Bob just picked me up at my old foster and brought me here yesterday. I was feral and they TnR'd me, but I was sweet so they decided to foster me to get me used to humans so I can find a forever home. I can still be a little hissy sometimes, but if you give me pets I give back lots of purrs.

January 14, 2018

New Food

Munchkin here,

This month Chewy sent Bob the Weruva Cats in the Kitchen variety pack to try out. The first flavor we tried out is called Funk in The Trunk which is chicken and pumpkin. This stuff tastes so good I emptied my plate in 30 seconds and then as soon as Obsidian walked away from his I emptied it too.

Eight paws way up!!!

January 13, 2018

Not Fair!

Obsidian here,

Bob and Monika have started doing something new and I do not like it at all.  Whenever there are no fosters they bring Ashlyn into the bedroom and close her in so I can not harass her. Yesterday I was in a pestering mood and I went looking in her normal hiding spot, but I could not find her. This wouldn't be so bad, but if I try tormenting Cosette, Monika puts her in the bedroom with Ashlyn and if I try bothering Munchkin, she just up and kicks my butt. She may be an even more senior kitty than Ashlyn, but she doesn't let me get away with anything.


January 08, 2018

New Book

Bob here,

Last month one of the choices we received from Chewy, was our choice of another of the Chicken Soup for the Soul pet books.

I selected "The Cat Did What?" this time and I just finished reading it. As with I Can't Believe The Cat Did That, it is a compilation of 101 short stories about the antics of the cats of the people that submitted the stories.

January 01, 2018