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July 21, 2016

Ashlyn Is Addicted

Ashlyn here,

Bob just opened the cabinet over his desk and I know he keeps the WERUVA treats there, so I am letting him know that I want some. I think I may be addicted to them.

From Bob - Whenever I open the cabinet she leans towards me and just stares intently.

July 20, 2016

Cat Wobbler

Chewy sent us a new toy to try out. It's a KONG Cat Wobbler. You have your human put treats or kibble into it and then when you knock it around or try to take off with its tail, it dumps treats out for you. Bob put some of our kibble in it to test it with us, but we all thought that was bogus. Then he added somw of the WERUVA freeze dried chicken treats and it became a whole new toy for me. The other cats all come running when I knock treat out of it, but they wont play with it themselves, so they onlly give 2 paws each, but I give it 4 paws. That gives it 10 out of 16 paws up!

July 13, 2016

New Treats

Chewy sent us some new treats to try.  They are made by WERUVA and they are freeze dried chicken pieces. Munchkin and I loved them although I thought that some of the pieces were a little big. Cosette  sniffed them and walked away, so Bob gave her some of our regular treat. What was really surprizing was that Ashlyn loved them too. She even gave Bob her best please can I have some more look and got more for all of us. Later Monika tried giving a piece to Sandy, but she didn't care for it either. All in all that is a great 12 paws up!


July 11, 2016

Meet Sandy

Hi!  I'm Sandy and I am the new foster kitty at Bob and Monika's. I like sleeping on the bed with them at night and I love getting cuddles. On the other hand I do not like getting my antibiotics or being weighed on the scale. I am currently mostly kept in the master bedroom and bathroom by myself, but some times Cosette is allowed to come in and visit, and I also get to visit the computer room on occasion and be with the other kitties. I am still a little nervous around them, so I get hissy some times, but so far none of us has attacked each other and Bob and Monika both say that is a good thing.

July 08, 2016

I Had A Great Birthday!

Yesterday for my birthday we had a big party on the rainbow bridge and Bob and Monika got a new girl kitty to foster. Hopefully once she has recovered from her spay, poor Obsidian will be able to play with her and he wont miss Sahara so much.

July 01, 2016

I Miss Sahara

Obsidian here,

Sahara found a new home earlier this week, and I miss her lots. Every night, when Monika pulls out the mouse toy to play with me, I keep looking under the bed and around the corner to see if she is coming to play. Bob says he and Monika miss her too.


June 18, 2016

New Food Test

Chewy sent Bob Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken Formula for us to try.  Munchkin and I loved it and Sahara thought it was pretty good too, but Cosette and Ashlyn would not touch it as they are weird and do not like stinky goodness. Monika has let one of the outside cats try it too and she also loves it. That gives it a solid 16 paws up.

June 12, 2016


Chewy sent us this stuff to try. Bob said it is a probiotic, what ever that is? Monika mixed some in with our food and we all ate it. I don't know about the other cats, but I didn't even taste it. Bob says it should firm up our poos and strengthen our immune systems. That sounds like a good thing to me, so it gets 16 paws up.


June 08, 2016

How To Move Into A New House With Your Cat

Moving house is a stressful experience for everyone involved, but perhaps one family member that often gets overlooked in all of the moving house palaver is your cat.
Cats are creatures that like routine and control, two things which go out of the window during a house move. First of all you will be packing, then there is all of the hustle and bustle on the day of the move and finally you will have to get your cat settled in a new home.
All of this is as worrying for you as it is your cat. Here at FLEXiSPACE we deal with a lot of people moving house, so we thought we’d put together this guide to help make sure the experience is as painless and safe as possible for your cat.
We give you some ideas to help before, during and even after the move. This includes how best to travel with your pet if they are going long distances, how to make them feel comfortable in their new home, when to let them outside again and how to get your cats used to smaller homes.
We hope this piece makes your, and your cat’s move, as stress-free as possible.

May 21, 2016

Wild Furs Revisited

Sahara here,

This picture shows my wild fur better. I asked Bob to make it bigger so you can see.