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March 16, 2007

I Graduated!!!

The Well Adjusted Jester Kitty

My friends I've a confession, a secret I must betray.
I was not born a well loved fool it took work to get this way.
I was just a cute kitty, an adorable little tom.
But King Obsidian, and Queen Munchkin didn't want me or my mom.
I learned to stay real still when they would come into the room.
All I had to do was stop and sit;
and sit, and sit, and sit, and sit, and
Sometimes it felt like I sat for hours and they would finally think I was one of Monika's stuffed animals and go away.
Then one day I backed up to hide and fell off the bed,
and Queen Munchkin was worried that I broke my head,
but King Obsidian just laughed, and said what a cute fool.
and I knew from that day humor was a great tool,
So I made a fool of myself.
And now I'm a Jester kitty and a Prince of the court,
And a Jester kitty with a forever home is nobody's fool.


The Meezers said...

aww Frostin, that's a cute story.

Victor McTabbycat said...

That's a cute story an a wonderful poem! Furry good!