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March 05, 2007

Bad Bob

King Obsidian here;

Last night I climbed onto the bed and, after moving around a bit, laid next to Bob at the edge of the bed and went to sleep.

This morning, when his alarm went off, he gave me pets and said it was time for him to get up and get ready for work. I didn't want him to go so I staid where I was and told him to go back to sleep. You know what he did then? He pushed me off the bed!


All I know is I better get some hugs and cuddles before he leaves for work, or I might have to ask Max to come over and poop on his pillow.

1 comment:

THE ZOO said...

hi king obsidian you shuld put the bitey on bob fur that. or yoo culd walk in an out his legs to tripy him. yoo and yur pets deserve sum tyme.