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March 25, 2007

Excited Princess

This morning Monika opened the patio door before Bob was ready to give us treats, but when he shook the bag all of us but Princess Boots came running. I was right behind my Mommy, Princess Ashlyn as she ran in the door, but she was so excited that she jumped unto the bottom bunk and was headed to the book shelf to get onto the top bunk when Bob said; "Where are you going Ashlyn?" Then she stopped at the foot of the bottom bunk, looked kind of embarrassed, and jumped over the back to come around next to him and get her treats.



THE ZOO said...

wes hasnt hurd nuffin bowt boots latly we was wuryd bowt her. hows she doin.

Frostin said...

Princess Boots is fine. She still doesn't come into the computer room with us for treats, but she has started wandering in to explore on ocassion.