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March 21, 2007

Embarrassed Princess

Princess Ashlyn here;

Bob had to refill our waterer before he gave us our treats this morning and Monika opened the patio door while he was doing it, so we were all out enjoying the cool morning air when he was ready to give us our treats.

As soon as I heard him shake the Temptations bag, I came running, but I was so exited I jumped onto the bottom bunk and was about halfway to the top bunk before I remembered that he gives us treats on the floor. I had to turn around real quick and jump down next to him.

I hope he didn't notice what I did. I'm so embarrassed!



The Meezers said...

efenn if he noticed it, i'm shur that he would not say anyfing.

THE ZOO said...

dunt wury Ashlyn wes shure he didnt notise. at least yoo got treets. did the offur poods laff???