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September 17, 2014

We Need Help & Purrayers

Queen Munchkin is still not eating, and now I am feeling sick also. Bob and Monika are worried, because they are still trying to recover from Princess Boots's v-e-t bills and are in danger of having their cable, internet and phone turned off. Also they used their money to make sure we had cat food, but they have almost no human food. When Bob took Queen Munchkin back to the v-e-t yesterday, he had to give them his debit card info and sign a paper saying they could take the payment out of their account when he gets paid. Please help any way you can.


Fur Everywhere said...

I don't know Munchkin's medical issue/s, but here are some things that helped Jewel when she didn't want to eat.

1. Try warming up the wet food in the microwave a little. It brings out the smell of the food and makes it more appetizing. You could also try to find her the stinkiest wet food you can.

2. Hill's prescription a/d was a really good bet for us when Jewel wasn't eating much at all. It is high in calories and can be syringe fed if you need to. I won't lie, it's a pretty penny a can, but it was worth it to get Jewel to eat.

3. Ask the vet if there is any stomach acid or nausea going on with her, and if there is, ask how to best treat it.

I really hope you can get her to start eating. I really wish I could offer some financial help. Please keep us posted, ok?

Hugs and purrs <3

Everycat said...

Sending love and rumbly purrs to Queen Munchkin to help her recover quickly


da tabbies o trout towne said...

forstin....we asked R pal St Francis ta watch over munckin N help her.. aye ess aye pea.. get on de road ta ree coveree

pleez all sew tell bob & monika ta chek out thiz linx; it comes frum de humane society and offerz advise and palces ta go to help with vet bills ♥

{ scroll down two round de middle and click a separate linx bout wear ta tern for help }

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

I sent a little donation. It isn't much but it will buy a bit of food.