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March 23, 2011

Helping Bob

Monday, while Bob was in training for his work, the phone kept ringing and he would have to turn up his headset to hear over the ringing. So yesterday I decided to do him a favor. Before his training started, and all those invisible people came into the room and started talking, I reached behind his modem and disconnected the phone. This worked very well until he tried to call Monika during his first break. When the phone didn't give him a dial tone, he emailed Monika to tell her the phone wasn't working. Then he plugged up the phone his new job sent him and checked it. That one had a dial tone, so he called her and told her to ignore the email, but his break was too close to over, so he told her he would figure out what was wrong with the base phone during his lunch break. After he ate his lunch the first thing he did was reach behind the modem to unplug and replug the phone line. As soon as he touched it, it fell out in his hand and he remembered thinking I was chasing a buggie back there this morning, so he pushed it back in and called her to let her know what happened. Next he came and found me and thanked me for a quiet morning.



The Lee County Clowder said...

Now Bob knows how to get a quiet morning if he needs to study.

Anonymous said...

From Bob

So long as he doesn't do it after my training is over. I'm going to be customer service for AT&T and I will be on the phone all the time.