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December 14, 2009

Well Trained Pet

This morning I got on the bed and put my face right into Bob's to tell him it was time to get up and give us treats. He said; "OK" and sat up so I moved onto the small dresser next to the bed to wait for him. Then he turned and said to me; "Frostin, I can't wake up if I can't get my glasses." Then he picked me up and gave me hugs and cuddles, and put me back down on the bed. After he put on his glasses and pants we went to the computer room and he gave us all our treats.



The Meezers said...

wait, he just saided GLASSES, not glasses AND pants. You could haf hadded your treats 15 seconds sooner if he didn't lie. :-) ::smiles::

cclark0412 said...

Well! You sure have him trained! Our Mom still doesn't get things right at our house... Good help is SOOOO hard to find!

Nico, Austin & JayJay :)