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November 25, 2007

Silly King

Princess Ashlyn here,

Two mornings in a row now King Obsidian has gone into the bedroom to wake up Bob so we could get our treats and Bob just made a place for him and started petting him and that was all it took to get him to forget about waking him up and just lay there and purr. I had to jump up and put my face in Bob's and tell him to get up and give us our treats, or we would still have been waiting at noon. King Obsidian likes pets all together too much.


1 comment:

The Meezers said...

i'm ashamed to say the same thing happens to me almost every morning. i jump on the bed to get mommy up to feed me, and then the next thing i know i'm in snuggling posishun purring. I don't unnerstand how that happens - Sammy