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November 21, 2007

Princess Ashlyn's Box of Life

Princess Ashlyn here,

Frostin told me about this meme and asked me to post.

A SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT MEME: List your treasures and tag other kitties and their humans also, as many as you like. Let this reflection spread through out the world. We need to count our contentment's as Blessings!~~~What do you look back over and treasure enough to place inside your BOX OF LIFE?

1. I would start by putting Bob in my box of life because he always keeps me safe and when Frostin was still a little baby he used to protect him from the other cats for me so I could go eat and use the litter and such.

2. I would put Monika in because she always seems to know what us kitties are thinking, and if I am wanting attentions from Bob she will bring me to him.

3. I would put the bunk beds in because I love laying on the top bunk.

4. I would put our patio in. (I think all of us kitties will have this answer. We love he patio.)

5. I would put my springy toys in it because they are my favorite.

6. I would put Frostin in while he was still a kitten because I miss my baby.

7. I would my special pillow on the dresser in it because that is my favorite place to sleep at night.

1 comment:

The Meezers said...

Princess Ashlyn, those are wonderful things to put in your box of life