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July 09, 2006

Welcome Home Boots

Boots got a clean bill of health. I'm not sure if I am happy or mad though. I liked her when I saw her outside, but now she is in our home with our humans. Bob and Monika are keeping her separate from us for now to give us time to get used to her sent and to ours. Bob said I was being a little snarly pants last night, but I'm not snarling any more. Not sure how I will act when I see her though.

1 comment:

Zeus said...

I'm glad to hear Boots is ok. I know how you feel, Frostin'. When my sister, Isis, came inside, I wasn't given a choice. To top it off, there was no getting used to each others' scents. My human pet boldly threw us together. It was a somewhat awkward time, but we get along just fine now. I'm sure you and Boots will as well!