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December 11, 2016

Adoption Events

Jackie here,

Last Sunday Monika told me I was going on an adventure and that I would get to wear this pretty collar.  I got back out of it in about half an hour, but she put it back on and gave me pets while telling me how pretty I was, so I left it on. Then she put me into the carrier and took me to a place called Pookies and put me into a cage. There were other cages too, and they all had cats in them. I asked the cats what was going on and they told me that we were at an adoption event. At first I wasn't too sure about that, but the people were all nice and some even took me out of the cage and gave me cuddles. We went to another event yesterday and this time I even had some kittens in the cage with me for a little while. I'm still not sure I want to be adopted because I like Bob and Monika, but as long as the people at the adoption events are nice, I don't mind going.

1 comment:

da tabbies o trout towne said... best oh fishes two ewe on findin yur for everz home

we hope ya findz sum peepulz who bee az total lee awesum as bob & monika
ta call yur peepulz ~~~~~

in case ya due knot getz bak thiz way; we will bee goin off line
on thurzday fora few sew heerz R Christmas greeting two all ~~~~

a trout filled Christmas
a mackerull new yeer two
health N happee nezz in de brand new yeer
frum all oh uz two ewe

with hugs N loves
boomer, dai$y, tuna
& dude & sauce two