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October 15, 2014

Fur Nose

Princess Ashlyn here,

Every morning I jump onto Bob's desk for attentions and he gives me pets and scritches while he is reading the blogs and stuff.  This morning he picked me up for cuddles and when he kissed my forehead I gave him what he calls fur nose. So he put me down and blew his nose, then he pulled out the comb and gave me combies.


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da tabbies o trout towne said...

Princess Ashlyn; good morning to you from Dai$y queen of cats trout towne; I do so hope Bob also thought to give you some snacks, befitting your regal status; say for example bits of kibble with rubies inside, that could be set aside for a shopping excursion at a later date. If he did, would you please advise me as to where he in fact GOT I've been waiting for my share of such kibble for neigh on 11 years without success...I fear Queen Munchkin awaits the same...hugs girl from Dai$y ♥ =^..*=