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May 29, 2013

Brazen Princess

Princess Ashlyn here,

I was a bad girl yesterday, but I made Bob laugh so I did not get in trouble.  While Bob was getting our treats ready, Princess Boots, Prince Frostin and I came into the computer room, but Queen Munchkin staid in the bedroom napping.  When he finished he slid my treats to me since I was on his desk, then gave Prince Frostin and Princess Boots theirs, but he left Queen munchkins treats on his desk.  When I finished mine I still wanted more so I walked up to Queen Munchkins treats and started eating them too.  When Bob turned back to get them to bring to her, he told me no stealing, but he didn't holler or swat me so I backed away from them and he just replaced what I ate and brought them to her.

From Bob:  It does my heart good to see her finally coming out of her shell.  She always used to be afraid of her own shadow.

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