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May 25, 2013

Bad Phone

Bob's work phone didn't work yesterday, so he called the phone people from the house phone and asked them to come fix it.  Then he started doing some house cleaning and plaid with us kitties.  The phone people wound out getting his work line fixed half an hour before his shift was over, so he just called it a night.  I like that we got to have him to our selves for the most part, but I also know that if he does not work he does not get paid, so I hope that doesn't happen again.

From Bob: My work line is a regular land line plugged into the wall, and the house phone is VOIP which is a good thing because I do not have a cell phone and it would have been fun trying to call AT&T with no working phone.

1 comment:

orbit said...

Hmmmm, seems dad's phone had issues yesterday. Mom's as well. Something in the air? I sense a conspiracy here!