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October 21, 2012

New Tree Spot

First thing when she got up this morning Monika opened the front door and raised the window on the screen for us.  Then when Bob woke up she got him to move our other tree over by the back window so we can look out while we are on it.  She even picked me up and put me in it so I could take advantage of its' new spot.  I relaxed there and watched the back yard for a while then jumped down to use the scratch pad on it, but while I was scratching something touched my ear and when I looked there was no one there so I ran and hid.  Later I came back out and went back to the front door to enjoy the fresh air.


From Bob: There is a feather toy hanging from the bottom of the top layer of the tree and while Frostin was scratching the  pad he raised his head too high and the feather toy hit his ear.

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