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June 29, 2011

Hiding My Blanket

We were all so busy taking care of Bob that I forgot to tell you what I did on Monday.

Bob took a nap from 4 until 5 in the afternoon, and I laid on my little blanket at the foot of the bed and napped with him. Then when he got up he went to the bathroom and start drinking the yucky stuff again, I grabbed my blanket and brought it into the living room, so I could lay on it behind the couch. Monika came home while he was still in the bathroom and, when she went into the bedroom, she asked him; "Where's Frostin's blanket?" Bob told her I was on it at the foot of the bed when he got up, and then she started looking for it. She looked on both sides of the bed and under the bed and the dresser and she couldn't find it. She even looked in the laundry. Then she started looking for me and when she found me laying on it in the living room she started laughing and then picked me up and gave me cuddles. After she put me down, she picked the blanket up and put it back on the bed. That was OK though because I was looking for a kitty to play with.

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