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June 11, 2011

Bad Human Sleeping Habits

I tried to get Bob to wake up at 4 this morning, but he said he wanted to sleep some more, so I tried again at 5 and 6, then he finally woke up when I tried at 7.

He gave us our treats and put down the food for us, then he helped me read the blogs. When he asked me what I wanted to post though, I was ready for a nap, so he came and napped with me and then when he got up, only an hour later, he asked me what I wanted to post. I told him to post that humans sleep too late and need to learn to take longer naps, then I went back to my nap.

from Bob; I just noticed that blogger is an hour behind me time wise. It's actually 9:03 here.

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Bellen said...

I just read about King Obsidian on the Cat Blogosphere. I'm sorry about his passing. The loss of each loved one is a loss of a part of us, but the life each loved one lived becomes a part of our lives too. No one dies who is remembered.