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April 19, 2011

Stinky OKness

When Monika came home yesterday she said she was going to give us a special treat and then she opened three cans of stinky goodness and portioned it out for us. Queen Munchkin and King Obsidian liked it well enough, and to watch Princess Boots eat it, you would have thought that it was laced with some primo nip or something. However I was not too impressed by it so I only ate a little, and my Mom Princess Ashlyn liked it so much she looked like she was trying to bury it. When Princess Boots finished her bowl, she asked me if she could finish mine and I told her to help herself. Then Monika put Princess Ashlyn's bowl on the floor and when Boots finished mine she started on hers. Princess Boots continued going from bowl to bowl until there were just a few pieces left, then I guess she finally ran out of room, because she went to her favorite chair in the computer room to take a nap.

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