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December 18, 2010

A Post From Our Cousins

Hi, I'm Frostin's cousin Petie;

I teleported over and asked Frostin and he said it was OK if I posted on his blog so here goes.

Aunt Monika and Uncle Bob are here visiting us, and last night Bob cleaned our litters for our Mom while she was talking to Monika. I never saw him do it before, so I followed him to every litter and supervised to make sure he did a good job. Then this morning he cleaned them again, but this time my sister Mindy decided she wanted to follow him around and supervise. He did a good job both times, so I guess it is OK for him to clean them when he is here.

Now here is my sister Sweety to tell you more about what Uncle Bob has been doing;

Last night Bob brought a keyboard into the computer room and started taking it apart. Then he washed all the keys and went and asked Mom for the rug sucking monster so he could vacuum up all the hair in it. Of course as soon as that came in I ran away, but I heard Mom ask him to clean her and Daddy's keyboards too before I left. I staid out of the room while he finished putting Aunt Monika's keyboard back together and while he cleaned Mom's. Then came in to watch him check Mom's and unplug Dads and put Monika's in place of it before they all decided to go play cards in the dining room. This afternoon after they played some more cards, Bob took Dad's keyboard apart and cleaned it, but the door was closed and I was inside when he vacuumed it so I hid under the bed. Later when he was done cleaning the keys and he started putting them back into the keyboard, I jumped onto the bed to supervise. After a few minutes of watching I decided to help him, so I started pulling one key at a time from the towel, and he took them from me and put them into the keyboard. After we were done he gave me pets and thanked me for helping him.


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