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December 19, 2010

Night Time Fun

Hi it's Sweety again;

My human parents always have me sleep in the computer room because I don't get along well with all of the other kitties in the house. I don't usually mind this too much because some times Jackie or one other the othe others that I like will spend the night with me. However last night none of the other kitties was in here with me, so I snuck out while no one was looking. When Bob finished in the computer room he went across into the guest room and then came back out to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth. That is when he saw me on the floor by the breakfast bar. He asked me what I was doing out and came to pick me up and put me back in, but I ran off and lead him on a merry chase through the house. After about 15 minutes I finally let him catch me. He gave me bunches of pets and cuddles, then brought me back into the computer room and put me on the bed in there and pet me some more. When I laid down and relaxed he said; "Good night." then left the room to go to sleep himself.

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