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July 14, 2008

They're Back!

King Obsidian here;

I missed Bob and Monika a lot while they were gone this weekend, so I followed them both all around last night and gave them a pouty face to make sure I got plenty of pets.

Queen Munchkin here;

I thought that I was going to punish Bob for leaving this weekend by not letting him hold and cuddle me, but he picked me up and gavr me a hug, and I melted right into his arms. Then I sat in his lap for bunches of cuddles.

Princess Ashlyn here;

I hid under the bunk beds when Bob and Monika came home and when Bob found me I went all the way to the back so that he could not grab me. Then he reached under and just barely pet my toes because that was all he could reach and told me he would give me cuddles when I was ready and left. I decided I wanted more pets so I followed him to the computer room and he picked me up and gave me bunches of cuddles.

Prince Frostin here;

Sheesh I finally get to post in my own BLOG!

King Obsidian ahs stolen my trick. We were taking turns pouting at Bob and Monika and getting bunches of attentions after they got home last night.

1 comment:

The Meezers said...

pouty face always gets them!!!