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July 06, 2008

Bob Training

Bob's training is coming along well. This morning when he got up he said; "Come on kitties, let's go get some treats." Then when King Obsidian, Princess Ashlyn and I headed for the computer room he staid behind and petted Queen Munchkin. I went back and asked him if he was coming and he said he'd be right there. Then he gave the 3 of us that were waiting our treats and brought treats back to the bedroom for Queen Munchkin and Princess Boots. Queen Munchkin seems to have added another lesson to her list of thing to train Bob to do.

1 comment:

Team Tabby said...

Hi Frostin, we bumped into you over at Millie's blog.

It is always a good thing to keep up the training of our beans, so keep up the good work.

Mindy & Moe