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June 04, 2008

High Kitty

The new house has a opening high up in the wall like Buddah used to like getting into at his old house and I figured out how to get up there yesterday morning. Only problem is that when Bob called me to say goodbye before he went to work, and I tried to come down I got to the top of the refridgerator and I was afraid to jump down the rest of the way. It was OK though because Bob reached up and pulled me down. Then he gave me hugs for being the first kitty to figure out how to get up there.


The Meezers said...

he should also haf concatulated you for being the ferst kitty to figure out how to get down - just get Bob to do it for you!

Max said...

The first time Buddah got up high he was afraid to jump down, too, but the People figured out it was because the bookcase they put there for him was the same color as the floor, and he thought he was going to jump a whole 20 feet down. They put black rubber up there, and he was fearless after that. Have fun with the high places! We have some in this new house and they're nice to have!

ML said...

KC said...
O, climbin sounds like fun.